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Recto GlossolalieVerso Glossolalie

Photograph and design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes


nk237 Nowaki 12-2023


  • Glossolalie-1
  • Unabated
  • Pedosatanist Vaccine
  • Glossolalie-2
  • Shrink Away
  • Freedom of Sound
  • Glossolalie-3
  • Situationship
  • Glossolalie-4
  • Perfect Storm
  • Glossolalie-5
  • Phase Out or Down
Recto JavelinaVerso Javelina

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes


nk236 Nowaki 03-2023


  • Zeitenwende
  • Castigat Ridendo Mores
  • Soft Surrender
  • Javelina
  • The Jack-in-the-box Effect
  • Svetomaskirovka
  • DARVO (P.E.C.)
  • Qui aurait pu prédire...

Artwork : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz


nk235 Nowaki 10-2022


  • Nazi On Heil Sieben
  • Dee Daa Doo
  • A Faire Des Murs
  • Gobé
  • Cendré
  • Monorivé
Recto RefluxVerso Reflux

Words and Musics by Picard Jolibois, except track 2, words by James G. Ballard, and track 4, lyrics by David Bowie.

Photographs and design : M.J.

Picard Jolibois


nk234 Nowaki 07-2022


  • Longue Marche
  • Les Dieux sont morts
  • Hymne
  • Time
  • Reflux
Recto SubstancesVerso Substances

Photograph : Vincent Ladoucette ; design : M.J.



nk233 Nowaki 05-2022


  • Bidl mett
  • Loygonap
  • Ourtsni
  • Dans un cocon
  • Electromagnetic Orchestra
  • Terros emix
  • Rek p.l.3
  • Uzor sent
Recto Gino Niemiz & Dj Rip It : inGéNieRIesVerso Gino Niemiz & Dj Rip It : inGéNieRIes

Dj Rip It : Base Mixes
Gino Niemiz : Rhythmic Cascades

Artwork : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

Gino Niemiz & Dj Rip It : inGéNieRIes

nk232 Nowaki 04-2022


  • Pa Pa Pa Oué Oué
  • Morganic
  • Good Times
  • Snuffle
  • Hap Tada Tada Pam, La France
  • Choubidou Bidoubim and The Rock'n'roll Mecanoz
  • Only Youth
  • No Pax with Mosku
  • Bam Bam Bola
  • Ouh Ouh Oh Ouh Ouh...
Recto Ineluctive FutureVerso Ineluctive Future

With the participation of Frédéric Leblond for some guitars.
Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Ineluctive Future

nk231 Nowaki 03-2022


  • Ineluctive Future (parts 1, 2, 3)
Recto Excitative PresentVerso Excitative Present

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Excitative Present

nk230 Nowaki 03-2022


  • Excitative Present (part1)
  • Excitative Present (part2)
  • Excitative Present (part3)
  • Excitative Present (part4)
  • Excitative Present (part5)
Recto Delictual PastVerso Delictual Past

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Delictual Past

nk229 Nowaki 03-2022


  • Delictual Past (part 1)
  • Delictual Past (part 2)
Recto Gino Niemiz and The B.A.S.S. 2022Verso Gino Niemiz and The B.A.S.S. 2022

10 years after "Gino Niemiz und Die Berliner Abstrakt Symphonien System" (Nk071), the protagonists had the urge to REGROOVE the whole contraption in order to deliver a more sensual, more syncopated "stamp" version. It is possible, during playback, due to the exact repetition of the titles of pieces, to play the 2 albums alternately, and to chain the 2 versions of the same piece. Enjoy !

Artwork : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

Gino Niemiz and The B.A.S.S. 2022

nk228 Nowaki 02-2022


  • The Man in the High Castle
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
  • Sharky's Machine
  • Il Mio Nome è Nessuno
  • Happiness
  • The Paper Chase
  • Hôtel de la plage
  • Vegas in Space
Recto Studies and CollaborationsVerso Studies and Collaborations

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Studies and Collaborations

nk227 Nowaki 08-2021


  • I'm not wanted silence (4'33" series, Institute for Alien Research, 2018)
  • I'm not wanted silence (study 1, 2018)
  • Karl (classics studies 2, 2016)
  • Hitler 2081 (Hitler 2080, Dotnumdunton, 2010)
  • Bad air day rmx (Essmaa, Aymeric de Tapol, Tsuku Boshi, 2010)
  • Blême Runner (L'étendue des possibles, 2020)
  • Pater Profondus (The Faust Re.cycled, Ergo phizmiz, Headphonica, 2010)
  • Last gasp (insectes vol.2, La p'tite maison, 2008)
  • Hitler 2082 (Hitler 2080, Dotnumdunton, 2010)
  • I'm not wanted silence (vocal study, 2018)
  • Boris (classics studies 1, 2016)
Recto wúVerso wú

Photograph : joli-joli ; design : M.J.


nk226 Nowaki 07-2021


  • wú 1
  • wú 2
  • wú 3
  • wú 4
  • wú 5
  • wú 6
Recto Catennic boolean dot Verso Catennic boolean dot

Photograph : Vincent Ladoucette ; design : M.J.


Catennic boolean dot

nk225 Nowaki 04-2021


  • Canadian borderings
  • Opto loss SC1
  • Atgrowd
  • Rêves électriques
  • Difrax recorse
  • Fleym pertical darg
  • Tazena
  • Vjar glosee
Recto EsiönVerso Esiön

44’ debut album, connected to old-school Bryn Jones, Scorn and illbient / ambient / IDM / dark or abstract hip-hop artists such as famous DJ Shadow and almsot as famous Skiz “Spectre” Fernando. […] One can find some ingested [sampled] György Ligeti pieces, a subliminal very low-soundish way, as an almost dumb layer which is bathing a few tracks, there also are harsh noise or indus performances mainly from 90s-early 2000s; and yes, Olive Oatman had a very beautiful and fascinating face; her life is touching and strangely powerful. Oh, conceptual references to William Burroughs written universe or poetry and maybe techniques are legion. I wrote somewhere he could be stuck hearing this kind of things — and maybe playing Guillaume Tell with… Olive Oatman? on a Blade Runner LoFi soundtrack? — in the basement of an Interzone filthy bar. I lived in Budapest for years and Hungarian underground culture, often referring to József Attila “flesh” monument, may have to do with Esiön too. It is an underground Western trip. Felt a Mitteleuropa way I guess.

Mauk Tenieb


nk224 Nowaki 03-2021


  • Esiön
Recto Not so personalVerso Not so personal

Using some whales, Terry Riley, Ilhosvany Conyedo, Hossam Ramzy, Sarvar Sabri, Em, Kiyoshi Yoshida, Vito Acconci, Uljana Nikolaevna Vasileva, The Jumping Jacques and others more.

Artwork : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

Not so personal

nk223 Nowaki 02-2021


  • I'm not the walrus
  • You're because
  • He loves to play with knives
  • She dreams again
  • We are?
  • You will go to India one day
  • They probably need to be singular
  • It is a Babel problem
Recto 10 kmVerso 10 km

"I made this album by recording three different 10 km runs along the same route in Velenje. I was catching the sounds of the surroundings, the breathing, and the rhythm of the running that was happening. At some points, I have also improvised with breathing while running and playing with the sound of the breath.

I have added the running sound atmospheric sounds. The concept was simple. Slow shifts in tone separately in the right and left channels, where I used the YamahaYPT-210 and the Korg MS20 mini. I used two smaller synthesizers Bastl Kastland Korg volca keys to creating the noise. Sound of MS 20 mini, YPT-210 and KastlI have also manipulated with the guitar effects electro-harmonics' Freeze,tc electronics' Hall of fame 2, Boss's Metal zone MT2, EarthQuaker devices' Avalanche run and mwfx' Judder.

The album is a symbolic representation of the internal and external happening during the run and jokingly ecological, as it encourages separate waste collection. Before running, I really dumped mixed, biological and glass waste separately. In a way, running is an internal cleansing for me, and it clears my mind. It allows me to, among other things, to reflect on the concepts and approaches of my musical creation."

Artwork : Cene Jenko ; design : M.J.


10 km

nk222 Nowaki 12-2020


  • 10 km
Recto A última ondaVerso A última onda

Drawing: Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

A última onda

nk221 Nowaki 12-2020


  • Pélagique
  • Te odio
  • China has been persuading
  • Idéation
  • Daí
  • Ballad of the lonesome Pangolin
  • Archéopsychisme
  • A última onda
  • Allumer
  • Epitaphe
Recto Passer le tempsVerso Passer le temps

Words and Musics by Picard Jolibois, except track 10, text by Pierre Desproges.

Artwork : Picard Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Picard Jolibois

Passer le temps

nk220 Nowaki 10-2020


  • Focused
  • Amour cru
  • Radio Pluto
  • En mode avion
  • Barbe
  • Aquavit
  • Petit à petit
  • Sauveur
  • Real life
  • Passer le temps
Recto Oldies but NoisesVerso Oldies but Noises

"Album "Oldies but Noises" is returning to my musical roots. It is a tribute, but at the same time also a re-think about the messages that the oldies goldies can give us today. What they can tell us if we dust them and put them inperspective of noise music, which itself offers a challenge to our comfortable everyday routine western civilization life.

Selection of the songs.
I kept it clean with old fashioned manner songs made till the end of 60's. I've excluded all new (rock, alternative, garage, punk …) music from the late 60's which had also a big influence on me. The selected songs had to be music of my "early age sound memory", the music that I've heard my dad playing form the tapes in our car. So, to me oldies goldies are great music I listened in the same room with my father.

Why the need?
In this experiment I wanted to work with the material that I love since I remember and that has built my basic musical taste. During the process, new perspectives and messages from the songs have appeared. It was like talking to the elders, who are full of experience and can tell you so much about life in a simple and easy to understand way. Today we are often forgetting about the history and we think everything is new. We consider history to be obsolete and irrelevant. I think we need to understand it and show respect to it while developing further by making our own experiences. In the age where old is something bad, this by the way is a construct of consumerism, we need history to learn from to become more humans and less consumers. Else …


· Blue moon.
Published : 1935. Composer : Richard Rodgers. Lyricist : Lorenz Hart.
It's the one and only king of r'n'r Elvis. I have always pictured a lonesome cowboy with a broken heart riding slowly in to the sunset singing this song. Yes, this is an ultimate song about loneliness and alienation that our civilization is facing more and more, even though we have more possibilities to connect than ever. I went into this song as it came to me. Soft and gently, lonesome talking to the blue moon, with a gentle touch of digital noise sounds in the back.

· I put a spell on you.
Released : November 1956. Songwriters : Jay Hawkins, Herb Slotkin.
Screaming Jay Hawkings represents to me freedom in voice. His "madness" expressed in voice is just something that I never stopped looking up to. It is a reminder how much freedom we can choose to have in our everyday life. The song came out to me in a new dimension with the use of more vocals, underlaying reverse lead vocal and all the noise. I understand it as a story about addiction and not so much as a love story.

· Sun ain't gonna shine.
Released : August 1965. Songwriters : Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio.
Even before I knew who Scott Walker was, I was in love with this song as a very young boy. It sounds so majestic and positive, giving you the feeling that it is great to be alone and unhappy in love. I wanted to explore the dark side of the song with a piezzo microphone sound recording of the manipulating of a tin sheet.

· Money
.Released : August 1959. Songwriters : Janie Bradford, Berry Gordy
This is actually a song about capitalism's biggest value. Persuading money and profits is one of the biggest problems of human society leading to deadly environmental consequences. More than ever, we do not appreciate what has true value to our lives and this song is telling it straight. Catching the biggest profit will take as all down the drain. Maybe UBI could change our every day fight to pay our monthly bills and we could find more energy to do something what matters.

· Over the Rainbow.
Published : 1939. Composer : Harold Arlen. Lyricist : E.Y. Harburg.
I was so afraid of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz, but the song Over the rainbow with all its innocence of dreams just bring warm and longing feelings out of me. Every time I hear this song, I start to hum it. While I was working on this song, I started to see the lyrics from the perspective of a refuge. So, I dedicate this interpretation to all refuges out there with a warm wish to find peace and their piece of a land over the rainbow. I believe in human right to live a decent and dignifying life for each of us, regardless of any reason you may find.

· Blue suede shoes.
Released : February 1956. Songwriter : Carl Perkins.
I used to wear suede shoes a lot and this was sort of an anthem to me. To me it represented freedom and openness with clear borders and it stayed that way after the adaptation of the song. With a bit more warning in the message as today men and women are getting more individualized and separated to each gender side than to live together in peace. We all would need more unconditional love to overcome our differences and allow each other even to step on blue suede shoes.

· What a Wonderful World
.Released : 1967. Songwriters : Bob Thiele (as George Douglas), George David Weiss.
Louis Armstrong was probably the first singer that opened fun world of vocals to me. I was not aware of that at that time, but I remember good feelings listening to his playful voice. So, this one is made only of pure voice without any additional machines. I wanted to create a world and the song spoke to me back with its ecological point. Do we still perceive the lyrics as we did in 1967? Can we still be just a passive observer?

· Summertime.
Released : 1935. Composer : George Gershwin. Lyricists : DuBose Heyward, Ira Gershwin.
Summertime follows more strongly me since middle school although father has played Ella and Louis version in the car. The version from Janis Joplin, who is one of my beloved musical voices has such a strong interpretation. I didn't know that this song was originally made for opera. The lyrics hold such a strong and sad story about the beginning of the life and human nativity of a woman who had a child with the rich man.

· Where did you sleep last night ?
Songwriters : Traditional
The movie about Leadbelly was one of the first movies about musicians I saw in my life. I watched it on television. I couldn't understand Leadbelly, but have enjoyed the music and the way he sang his way out of the prison. In the 90's Nirvana did a cover of this song and I still love it. Where did you sleep last night is (also known as In the pines) an American folk song and tells a terrifying story about racism. Sadly, we are living in times when racism is getting stronger again. We can not forget about human history, only this way we can become better and more human.

· My Way
.Released : 1969. Songwriters : Claude François and Jacques Revaux.
English lyrics : Paul Anka.
I Still remember excitement when I first heard the Sex pistols version of My way. It opened a vast musical landscape of possibilities to me. Everything can be done and it is possible to make old sound fresh. Well I also love Frank Sinatra and his velvet voice. Since we live in an era of individualization and ego, I made this version of My way with emphasis on I and MY words. We all want to do it my way, but this is exactly why and how we are destroying this world. A true peace and prosperity for each of us is far, far away and in my opinion hides in OUR WAY.

Noise Music.
To me noise music should involve a provocation and needs to push listener to rethink the world around. Noise music is the test of your tolerance.

Copyrights and permissions.
In the past I have tried to reach out to the authors or companies that manage the rights and I never got any feedback. So, I don't have them but this is anyway not meant to be a commercial project, and is considered fair use. If any of the authors feel offended or anyhow deprived, I will humbly remove the song from the album."

Žiga Jenko.

Cover idea : Ž ; cover design : Cene ; design : M.J.


Oldies but Noises

nk219 Nowaki 10-2020


  • Blue moon
  • I put a spell on you
  • Sun ain't gonna shine
  • Money
  • Over the Rainbow
  • Blue suede shoes
  • What a Wonderful World
  • Summertime
  • Where did you sleep last night ?
  • My Way
Recto Forgotten PastVerso Forgotten Past

Photograph : Kooneelopa ; design : M.J.

Ravcan and RMSS Systems Inc.

Forgotten Past

nk218 Nowaki 09-2020


  • Shard of broken I
  • Shard of broken II
Recto LamboVerso Lambo

Photograph : Volgane ; design : M.J.



nk217 Nowaki 08-2020


  • Kloedan
  • Lambo
  • Thorvard

Artwork : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz


nk216 Nowaki 07-2020


  • Monsters (Using William Conrad - "The Ghost's Song")
  • Malgré Moi (Using Stanisław Młodożeniec - "Moskwa")
  • Mermaids Make More (Using Ennio Morricone - "Moses the Lawgiver" Carles Santos - "To-Ca-Ti-Co-Ta-Ca-Ta")
  • Mauvais Matin Même Miel (Using Linda Serbu - "If You Rescue Me (A Cappella)" The Chukchi - "Chant de Gorge/Cris d'Animaux")
  • Mère Mature Mange Mieux Maintenant (Using Henry Mancini - "Tomorrow is My Friend" Children's Rhymes from India - "Shishugeeta - Hatti Katagi Batti Katagi")
Recto l'm the bleached sunVerso l'm the bleached sun

Collage : Roberto Vodanović ; design : M.J.

Roberto Vodanović

l'm the bleached sun

nk215 Nowaki 06-2020


  • Theres a belief
  • Did you see any buildings ?
  • In the gloom
  • Between sea and mountains
  • Salt on my shoulder
  • My head is above to explode
Recto TricératopsVerso Tricératops

Recording in public, Tricératops evening 01, 07 October 2018, Le Ring theater, Toulouse.

Artworks and design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes


nk214 Nowaki 05-2020


  • Part1
  • Part2
  • Part3
Recto KodamaVerso Kodama

Illustration : Nick Vander ; Design : M.J.

Nick Vander


nk213 Nowaki 04-2020


  • Deneb
  • Kreep
  • Atik
  • Eek
  • B538
  • Kodama
  • Ceris
  • Water in Gliese
  • Theia
  • Infinite Lagoon
Recto La rive s'est embraséeVerso La rive s'est embrasée

Photograph and design : M.J.


La rive s'est embrasée

nk212 Nowaki 03-2020


  • Aglaópê
  • Thelxiépia
  • Pisinoé
  • Ligeia
Recto ErasedVerso Erased

Second collaboration of the duo, previously named Philippenobodilamysoundz (nk 138).

Artwork : Lamy/neau ; design : M.J.

Philippe Lamy/philippe neau


nk 211 Nowaki 02-2020


  • Who's afraid off red yellow and blue
  • La bataille de San Romano
  • L'annonciation
  • Blue orange red
  • Natura morta con straccio ciallo
  • Le rocher rouge
  • Impression soleil levant
  • Dancers on a plane
  • A bruit secret
  • Woman cuts the circle
  • Slave auction
  • Le bord du monde n'existe pas
Recto hvíturVerso hvítur

Paintings and photographs : Philippe Neau ; design : M.J.

philippe neau


nk210 Nowaki 01-2020


  • territoires 2 (dann)
Recto Rêve d'amazoneVerso Rêve d'amazone

Photograph and design : M.J.

Laurent Avizou

Rêve d'amazone

nk209 Nowaki 12-2019


  • Sailing the dark sea part 1
  • Sailing the dark sea part 2
  • À l'ombre du pachyderme
  • Nuit sans lune
  • Le réveil de dragon asthmatique part 1
  • Le réveil de dragon asthmatique part 2
Recto Fisgón MorbosónVerso Fisgón Morbosón

Led by Manuel Videguren, Fisgón Morbosón is an experimental and kind of post rock band from Carcarañá, a small town of Argentina.

All of the songs are one take composition and live recording.

Photograph : Fisgón Morbosón ; design : M.J.

Fisgón Morbosón

Fisgón Morbosón

nk208 Nowaki 11-2019


  • El sueño de Niñita
  • Si quiero te lo doy
  • Kroll
  • Soy un sorete
  • Niñita
  • La pesadilla de Niñita
Recto GrimrVerso Grimr

Artwork : Volgane ; design : M. J.



nk207 Nowaki 10-2019


  • Kamikaze
  • Limb Doz
  • Grimr
  • L'amante Enée
Recto InitiéVerso Initié

Photograph and design : M.J.



nk206 Nowaki 09-2019


  • Un flash merveilleux
  • Encore plus qu'avant
  • Métatron
  • Nébuleuse
  • À l'intérieur
  • Déclic sensuel

Recorded November 11-12, 2016 at Henry's Workshop.
Music composed and performed by Henry Koek and Laurent Avizou.
Sound recording, mixing and mastering by Laurent Avizou.

Henry Koek : sax(11), drums(01,03,05,09,10,12,13,14), voice(02), percussions(04,06), flute(07), piano(08)...
Laurent Avizou : guitar(01,03,05,07), voice(02), percussions(08), clarinet(11,12,13), piano(09,10,14), objects(04,06,07)...

photograph and design : M.J.

Henry Koek/ Laurent Avizou


nk205 Nowaki 08-2019


  • WAFT
  • 1'11 THREE times ONE
  • KEEP it UP
Recto The blues are still blue E.P.Verso The blues are still blue E.P.

Yumenoma (ユメノマ) is :
Nakashima Shinya (music, arrange, bass guitar, lyric, mix)
Matsumoto Naoko (voice)
Kato Takayuki (mix)

Cutout picture : Saito Hiroki ; poem (cf .zip, jap. back cover) : Kotani Nana ; design : M.J.

Yumenoma (ユメノマ)

The blues are still blue E.P.

nk204 Nowaki 07-2019


  • The blues are still blue (ザ ブルース アー スティル ブルー)
  • Someting in the air (サ?シング・イン・ジ・エアー)
Recto Measured FragmentsVerso Measured Fragments

Photograph : Alx Broken ; design : M.J.

Alx Broken

Measured Fragments

nk203 Nowaki 07-2019


  • Convoluted Logic
  • Variable Effects
  • Organic Waste
  • Sub Liminal
  • Poly Morph
  • Gradual Paroxysm
Recto Live @ Jardins Synthétiques 2017-10-08Verso Live @ Jardins Synthétiques 2017-10-08

Fraternal duo formed by Ioa and Satyavan Beduneau (Toulouse, France) experimenting with improvised music and sound installation. An installation / performance in situ, summoning both sound and light streams, musical enhancement and texts. The imperceptible waves have been made sensitive. We opted for technologies and lenses manufactured or hacked.

Drawing : Ioa; Design : M.J.

Tête de Soleil

Live @ Jardins Synthétiques 2017-10-08

nk202 Nowaki 06-2019


  • Live aux Jardins Synthetiques, Toulouse, 08-10-2017
Recto LabeVerso Labe

Photograph : Elbe ; design : M.J.



nk201 Nowaki 05-2019


  • 134
  • 201
  • 453
  • 656
  • 57
  • 339
  • 236
  • 355_Labe
Recto Juste un fragmentVerso Juste un fragment

Musicians :
Aurore Dudevant : clarinet.
Philippe Zulaica : cello, electronics, piano, loops and samples.

About this album :
The album "Juste un fragment" is made of improvisations recorded in 2017 and 2018. They are then cut, stacked, sampled and re-orchestrated in a quick and intuitive process close to improvisation. As I usually do since 2001, many fragments of earlier recordings and albums are also reused, processed and handled in loops or textures. With this manufacturing method, the music is spontaneous, immediate, organic, but it is also the result of a slow evolution of a raw material constantly rediscovered.

About Philippe Zulaica :
Architect, artist. Lives and works in Reims, France.

Photographie : Philippe Zulaica ; design : M.J.

Philippe Zulaica

Juste un fragment

nk200 Nowaki 04-2019


  • Brumes
  • Lune
  • Le coeur
  • Juste un fragment
  • Ressource
  • Operating
  • Les flandres
Recto ElbeVerso Elbe

Youssef Ghazzal : double bass, amplified,
Christophe Giffard : machines and sound diffusion,
Andy Lévêque : saxophone and amplified strings,
Rémi Savignat : guitar and machines.

Recorded at the Atelier TA, Toulouse, 2016.
Sound recording : François Berchenko and Christophe Giffard.
Mix : Thomas Hatcher.

Visual : Anto ; design : M.J.



nk199 Nowaki 06-2018


  • Nadir
  • Phallomita amoïde
  • Métastase
  • Duramen
  • Rhésus
  • Sweet point
  • Bosphore
  • Le phonométrographe
Recto Animal grotesqueVerso Animal grotesque

Photograph and design : M.J.

Light is a blue trap

Animal grotesque

nk198 Nowaki 05-2018


  • Eloge du bleu
  • Flight of this light
  • La cure
  • Ruta gèmina
  • Animal grotesque
  • Sleepy hope
  • Mécanique du fluide
  • Citronier
  • Rossinyol que vas a França (canço tradicional catalana)
Recto Rød ShorVerso Rød Shor

Photograph : Frederique Héol ; design : M.J.


Rød Shor

nk197 Nowaki 04-2018


  • Lemmings
  • Rød Shor
  • Lamb Doz
  • Orn Oar
Recto Ivresse des profondeursVerso Ivresse des profondeurs

Artwork : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


Ivresse des profondeurs

nk196 Nowaki 02-2018


  • Karma
  • Libéré de l'emprise
  • De l'air à présent
  • Merci du conseil
  • Toutes ces putains de raisons
  • La source et la drèche
  • En attendant l'arche
  • Synchronicité
  • Point zéro
  • Bas astral
  • Le sablier veille
Recto Lunar 3Verso Lunar 3

Photograph and design : M.J.

Igor Dornelles

Lunar 3

nk195 Nowaki 01-2018


  • Isonone
  • Kale
  • Kallichore
  • Kalyke
  • Kore
  • Lysithea
  • Magaclite
  • Metis
  • Mneme
  • Orthosie
  • Pasiphae
  • Pasithee
  • Praxidike
  • Sinope
  • Sponde
Recto Chansons d'air et de sangVerso Chansons d'air et de sang

Photograph and design : M.J.

Light is a blue trap

Chansons d'air et de sang

nk194 Nowaki 12-2017


  • Where the void and blood coincide
  • Oda al Pare
  • Nightwood
  • Dans la maison d'Abel
  • Una carta - Epileg
  • Thoreau and I
  • Chanson de rue
  • La pauvreté
Recto Inspiration/ExpirationVerso Inspiration/Expiration

Photograph and design : M.J.



nk193 Nowaki 11-2017


  • Inspiration, Salon d'Arcole, 06-10-2017
  • Expiration, Théâtre du Pavé, 08-10-2017
Recto Lunar 2Verso Lunar 2

Photographs and design : M.J.

Igor Dornelles

Lunar 2

nk192 Nowaki 09-2017


  • Carpo
  • Chaldene
  • Cyllene
  • Elara
  • Erinome
  • Euanthe
  • Eukelade
  • Euporie
  • Eurydome
  • Ganymede
  • Harpalyke
  • Hegemone
  • Helike
  • Hermippe
  • Iocaste
Recto LaVieCommeElleEstVerso LaVieCommeElleEst

Aurore Dudevant, clarinet.
Nathalie Azam, voice.
Philippe Zulaica, electric guitar, piano, cello, computer.
Composed and recorded by Philippe Zulaica.

Photograph : Philippe Zulaica ; design : M.J.

Philippe Zulaica


nk191 Nowaki 08-2017


  • Singulier
  • L'Orage
  • Fleur Bleue
  • La Vie Comme Elle Est
  • Lune
  • Les Méandres
  • 45 Secondes
  • Boite A Musique
  • Psyche
Recto PartoutVerso Partout

Photograph and design : M.J.



nk190 Nowaki 07-2017


  • Sans titre 1
  • Sans titre 2
  • Sans titre 3
  • Sans titre 4
  • Sans titre 5
  • Sans titre 6
Recto LunarVerso Lunar

Photograph and design : M.J.

Igor Dornelles


nk189 Nowaki 06-2017


  • Adrastea
  • Aitne
  • Amalthea
  • Ananke
  • Aoede
  • Arche
  • Autonoe
  • Callirrhoe
  • Callisto
  • Carme
Recto Sous-marin et périscopeVerso Sous-marin et périscope

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


Sous-marin et périscope

nk188 Nowaki 05-2017


  • Play it
  • Yo welcome
  • No delay
  • Zen ça dépend
  • Les limbes
  • On y est
  • On y va 1
  • Roootz
  • Disconnect
  • Ok contact
  • On y reste 2
Recto Nulle partVerso Nulle part

Photograph and design : M.J.


Nulle part

nk187 Nowaki 04-2017


  • Sans titre 1
  • Sans titre 2
  • Sans titre 3
  • Sans titre 4
  • Sans titre 5
  • Sans titre 6
  • Sans titre 7
  • Sans titre 8
  • Sans titre 9
Recto BrisuresVerso Brisures

Photograph and design : M.J.

Joâo Schnier


nk186 Nowaki 03-2017


  • Fantasy for an Imaginary Video Game, part 1 « Title Music » (2012)
  • The Tokyo's Underground Theory about Silkworms (2014)
  • Trailer Origins ( 2015) : orchestre A du CRR de Toulouse, direction : Joâo SCHNIER
  • Cors, Corps, Décors (2014) : cor de basset : Joâo SCHNIER
  • Fantasy for an Imaginary Video Game, part 2 « Menu Music » ( 2015)
  • Fantasy for an Imaginary Video Game, part 3 « The Forest » (2013-2015)
  • Etude I « Diptyque au moteur avec cloches », version révisée (2011-2017)
  • Nocturne at the Foot of the Hill (2014) : Piano : Joâo SCHNIER
  • L'Inaltérable Gigue Cathartique des Frondaisons Urbaines, version révisée (2013-2017)
  • Etude II « Tinkling Waters » (2011)
  • Fantaisie Mécanique (2014)
  • Stolen Moment (2012) : Piano : Joâo SCHNIER
  • Microlude 1 (2011)
  • Etude IV « interlude I » (2011)
  • Tremor (2014-2015)
  • Toscanese Bells (2014)
  • Fantasy for an Imaginary Video Game, part 4 « Pause Menu » (2017)
  • Daguerrville Interlude. (2017) : Clarinette : Joâo SCHNIER, mixage : Joâo SCHNIER
  • Daguerrville Toccata (2017) : Clarinette, clarinette basse et clavier : Joâo SCHNIER
  • Toward the Coast (2017)
  • Fantasy for an Imaginary Video Game, last part « The Final Rush », version révisée (2015)
Recto ToxicophobieVerso Toxicophobie

Photograph : Franck Jolibois ; design : M.J.



nk185 Nowaki 02-2017


  • Bones Party
  • Surfaces Sensibles 2 (Toulouse-Marseille)
  • Vent d'Etat
  • Trevor's Axiom
  • Toxicophobie
  • Suicide Allée
  • Surfaces Sensibles 1 (Marseille-Toulouse)
  • Happening End
Recto Amnèsia l'hortVerso Amnèsia l'hort

Photograph and design : M.J.

Light is a blue trap

Amnèsia l'hort

nk184 Nowaki 12-2016


  • Nettoyage à sec
  • Ritournelle
  • Amnèsia l'hort
  • Not unlike caresses
  • Dans la cité des femmes
  • Battant au vent
  • Graal dance
Recto Organisationen von VerschwörernVerso Organisationen von Verschwörern

Photograph and design : M.J.


Organisationen von Verschwörern

nk183 Nowaki 11-2016


  • Die Spinne
  • Die Schleuse
  • Kreis Rudel
  • Kamaradschaftswerk
  • Stille Hilfe
  • Odessa
  • Bruderschaft
Recto MorphoseVerso Morphose

"The album Morphose is made of improvisations recorded in 2015 and 2016. They are then cut, stacked, sampled and re-orchestrated in a quick and intuitive process close to improvisation. As I usually do since 2001, many fragments of earlier recordings and albums are also reused, processed and handled in loops or textures. With this manufacturing method, the music is spontaneous, immediate, organic, but it is also the result of a slow evolution of a raw material constantly rediscovered."

- Ninel Cam : voice
- Aurore Dudevant : clarinet
- Alice Zulaica : voice
- Philippe Zulaica : piano, violin, cello, programming

Photographs : Philippe Zulaica ; design : M.J.

Philippe Zulaica


nk182 Nowaki 10-2016


  • L'horizon
  • Morphose
  • Alex
  • Minerve
  • Les guépards
  • Monotone
  • Alpha
Recto Baby AyeVerso Baby Aye

Photograph : Santeco Wibowo ; design : M.J.

Santeco Wibowo

Baby Aye

nk181 Nowaki 09-2016


  • Baby Aye
  • Baby Headbang
  • Blip
  • Don't Give Up
  • Ethnic Voice
  • Friend
  • Sweet
  • Saron Is Good
  • Go Ahead
  • System Error
Recto IIVerso II

In this record, Igor performs a free improvisation with his 8 strings guitar, no effects, pedals or any other instrument. Just clean guitar and his mind, practicing 4 songs totally alive in studio.
The way how music is treated in industry it's the reason why Igor choose the names of album title and its tracks.
"II" is the following of "I", released on tecnoNucleo Netlabel : http://www.tecnonucleo.org/

Photograph and design : M.J.

Igor Dornelles


nk180 Nowaki 08-2016


  • #0007
  • #0008
  • #0009
  • #0010
Recto The SummonerVerso The Summoner

At the time, we had dreamed of. In fact, they did.
Here is a valuable archive emerged of the drawers of our three beloved monsters. A summit meeting between heavy electronica and Matter informalist duet Tuuli / Tulii (J.Gowthorpe and A.Degrenier) and joli-joli vocals spasms, closer to a Mark E. Smith in alcoholic coma as his usual testosteroned post-synthpop. These improvisations sessions dating from 2011-2012 were fortunately saved of waters (Nantaise ...) by our specialist of waterways joli-joli. And by the grace of his scissors, gives us to understand eight pieces really intense.
And measured for what would have given the project if it had been pursued.

Photograph : Gerard Scordia (Crocothemis annulata) ; design : M.J.

Tuuli/Tulii vs joli-joli

The Summoner

nk179 Nowaki 07-2016


  • News reals
  • Accident
  • The Summoner
  • Results
  • Civilization
  • Insects too
  • Into my light
  • With the middle note
Recto 2013-2016Verso 2013-2016

The sad feast, serious celebration of the moment,
universal language, fascination of ugliness.

Drawing : ioa (blind self-portrait 052) ; design : M.J.



nk178 Nowaki 06-2016


  • J'ai peur de te parler
  • Les fennêtes
  • People down
  • Fugues
  • En espérant
  • Sur les ailes des oiseaux
Recto AkrasiaVerso Akrasia

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes


nk177 Nowaki 05-2016


  • Pareidolia (Featuring Mia Palace)
  • Akrasia
  • Solastalgia
  • We try, we fail, we fix
  • Entering the sixth mass extinction
  • Guy-Fi'booth
  • As i waS sAYING (Text by Sheldon frank, read by Paul Hillier, taken from "stories" HMU807527)
  • GoZ (Game over Zeus)
Recto ItoVerso Ito

The compositions were produced in a manner of inner space revelation or even a dialogue between inner and outer space. Due to volumetric range of tones every track hatches from it's own deep corner of an unknown universe...
Figuratively about the canvas: in sound space of this work textures are mostly synthesized in transparent vacuum with warm shades in a move towards eternal, flavored with sharp cold spray of logical structures.
Generally the author is an ordinary individual from Crimea, Konstantin Tolcheyev. He has been brought to condition of internal detonation and eventually that took a form of sound.

Artwork : Konstantin Tolcheyev. ; design : M.J.



nk176 Nowaki 04-2016


  • Asobisugita
  • Recallonce
  • Nanokut
  • Neurror
  • Arjun's kinetic
  • Funtitled
  • Michibikitamae
  • Gygsnsk
  • Badreq
  • Freelove
  • Skycluster
  • नमः शिवाय (ft. Outro Pin)
Recto Reactive Magnetron SputteringVerso Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

Photograph : Ravcam/RMSS Systems ink ; design : M.J.

Ravcan and RMSS Systems Inc.

Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

nk175 Nowaki 03-2016


  • DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
  • Reducto. Endless Nightmare
  • Dark Sine Delusion
  • BTB CC Bzzzz termination (FT Vers)
  • Old Doomsday Devices
  • Dark Sine Delusion (UA Vers)
Recto Retrospektive 95-15 4/4Verso Retrospektive 95-15 4/4

Composed by the Mini LP "Rock is Dead" (2013), the "Live at Fukushima" (2011, of course), and two Singles, "White" (2014) and "Pink" (2015), supplemented by two pieces Bonus, this concludes our fourth and last chapter of sound and mutant adventures of Picard and Jolibois duo.
The original covers are included in the download file.

Art works : Bruno Picard ; design : M.J.

Picard et Jolibois

Retrospektive 95-15 4/4

nk174 Nowaki 03-2016


  • Astro Demoni (Rock is dead, 2013)
  • Farmer's Manual (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • Be Bop A Lula (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • Weak of Delight (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • Tube Corrector (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • Elements of Love (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • The Arrival (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • Pygmies (Rock is Dead, 2013)
  • The Pride (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • Not Agree ! (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • Little Soldier Boy (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • Feel the Waves (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • Don't Push ! (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • Asshole Song (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • Wuthering Heights (Live in Fukushima, 2011)
  • A Seagull's Dream (White, 2014)
  • Inside the River with You...My Love (White, 2014)
  • Glass Walk (Pink, 2015)
  • Hairy Nose (Pink, 2015)
  • Fukushiman (Bonus Track)
  • Waiting (Bonus Track)
Recto EPVerso EP

Image : The Wheel of Fortune (Tarot of Marseilles) ; design : M.J.



nk173 Nowaki 02-2016


  • With a road between
  • SD
  • I retrieved ! Yourself !
  • Fables of a hypomaniac
Recto Crève !Verso Crève !

Drawings : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Crève !

nk172 Nowaki 01-2016


  • Pretty sick old world
  • Qui n'a pas vibré au Sacre de Reims...
  • Crève !
  • Dresden ist nicht friedlich
  • Theology of rape
  • Crève ! (encore)
Recto PasajesVerso Pasajes

"This piece was made with many electronic sounds, virtual instruments, field recordings and my own voice reading a poetic text i made in 2014, published in the book "La radio y la estática" edited by Zindo.

Photograph and design : M.J.

Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo


nk171 Nowaki 01-2016


  • Pasajes
Recto Retrospektive 95-15 3/4Verso Retrospektive 95-15 3/4

An Ep "Yellow Flexi Disc" (2007), the mini LP "Tahiti Bitch" (2007), the "Johannesburg Session" (2010) and the mini LP "Poor Love" (2012), make up the third and penultimate part of the Picard et Jolibois retrospective. The "tubes" years.

Art works : Bruno Picard ; design : M.J.

Picard et Jolibois

Retrospektive 95-15 3/4

nk170 Nowaki 12-2015


  • Yellow Street (Yellow Flexidisc, 2007)
  • Hunger (Yellow Flexidisc, 2007)
  • Underneath Love (Tahiti bitch, 2007)
  • Seashore Trip (Tahiti Bitch, 2007)
  • We Never Believe Us (Tahiti Bitch, 2007)
  • A Casa, Ti (Tahiti Bitch, 2007)
  • Chicken Overdrive (Tahiti Bitch, 2007)
  • Over The Glim (Johannesburg Session, 2010)
  • Wise Is The Sea (Johannesburg Session, 2010)
  • There You Go, Now (Johannesburg Session, 2010)
  • Jumping Around The Fire (Johannesburg Session, 2010)
  • Thirsty (Johannesburg Session, 2010)
  • Calypso In Your Phono World (Johannesburg Session, 2010)
  • Scrubbed Sidewalk (Poor Love, 2012)
  • Pity Our Soul (Poor Love, 2012)
  • Funk Me Hard (Poor Love, 2012)
  • The Weekender (Poor Love, 2012)
  • The Dead Swan And The Dove (Poor Love, 2012)
  • While Biting The Apple (Poor Love, 2012)
Recto Retrospektive 95-15 2/4Verso Retrospektive 95-15 2/4

Second volume of the Toulousain Mutant-Pop duo retrospective.
We'll find Picard and Jolibois in new psycho-sonic adventures,
through three projects of the past decade : the mini-LP "Brown" (2009),
the LP "WTC0911" (2001), and the EP7 "Cold Days" (2006).
The original covers are included in the download file.

Art works : Bruno Picard ; design : M.J.

Picard et Jolibois

Retrospektive 95-15 2/4

nk168 Nowaki 11-2015


  • Connections (Brown, 2009)
  • Lightning Side (Brown, 2009)
  • Sand in the Eyes (Brown, 2009)
  • Mini Funk (Brown, 2009)
  • A World of Tones (Brown, 2009)
  • Wisdom Money (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Someone is Ringing (WTC0911, 2001)
  • God Fucking Vegas (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Flying Away (WTC0911, 2001)
  • We Save the Cop (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Cool Plane (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Swirled Paradise (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Where are my teeth ? (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Zombies (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Sati Vacuma 24-7 (WTC0911, 2001)
  • Ground Zero (WTC0911, 2001)
  • When Slowly Melts the Ice (Cold Days, 2006)
  • Knock on Tube (Cold Days, 2006)
  • Radiator (Cold Days, 2006)
Recto Nous ceignentVerso Nous ceignent

Photograph and design : M.J.


Nous ceignent

nk167 Nowaki 11-2015


  • Voix
  • Fantômes
  • Ligature
  • Des routes
  • Rivière
Recto Retrospektive 95-15 1/4Verso Retrospektive 95-15 1/4

Finally, the complete retrospective of the Toulousian duo.
From 1995 to today, the solid friendship that binds led them to develop a project out of time, a kind of mutant pop, all in improvisation, a sweet madness sometimes rageful, purely analog.

This "Retrospektive 95-15" will include four volumes showing all their career and the completeness of their productions.

This first volume runs on the beginnings of the duo.
It contains the first three EP7 "," Blue "(1995), "Green" (1997), and "Red" (1999), the "Jaune Pile Session" (2002), two tracks from the compilation "Shiny People" (2005), and finally the "Live in Odessa" (2008). The original covers are included in the download file.

Art works : Bruno Picard ; design : M.J.

Picard et Jolibois

Retrospektive 95-15 1/4

nk166 Nowaki 10-2015


  • I Saw In Grey (Blue, 1995)
  • Blue Parasite (Blue, 1995)
  • The Walk (Blue, 1995)
  • Green Island (Green, 1997)
  • Side Effect 'Green, 1997)
  • Compozite (Green, 1997)
  • Growing (Green, 1997)
  • Fingers (Red, 1999)
  • Heart's Chips (Red, 1999)
  • Blood Test (Red, 1999)
  • Theme (Jaune Pile Session, 2002)
  • Mail Voices (Jaune Pile Session, 2002)
  • Flanging (Jaune Pile Session, 2002)
  • Double Feeling (Jaune Pile Session, 2002)
  • Machines (Jaune Pile Session, 2002)
  • Bone Blues (Jaune Pile Session, 2002)
  • Pic-Nic on the Beach (VA : Shiny People, 2005)
  • I Know I Can Do (VA : Shiny People, 2005)
  • U.R.S.S. 74 (Live in Odessa, 2008)
  • Opening Doors (Live in Odessa, 2008)
  • Walls Climbing (Live in Odessa, 2008)
  • The Night (Live in Odessa, 2008)
  • Red Chase (Live in Odessa, 2008)
  • D'abord, premièrement (Live in Odessa, 2008)
  • Epilog (Live in Odessa, 2008)
Recto Ecoumène labVerso Ecoumène lab

Photograph : Benoit Balfet ; design : M.J.


Ecoumène lab

nk165 Nowaki 09-2015


  • Horizon
  • Ligne de vie oculaire
  • Projection lunaire
  • Nocturne
  • Manoya
  • Une brique par jour
  • La vie et les détours
  • Coup d'état
  • Le point de rupture
  • Mon erreur
  • A prendre ou à laisser
  • A ce moment précis
Recto Dépôt BNFVerso Dépôt BNF

Last month, the National Library of France (BNF, Paris) has invited us to make a deposit of phonographic works in his illustrious background. We received this invitation as a gift made in our humble label for its ten years of existence. Indeed, in 2005, we published the first Nowaki reccord, and up to 2008, we have released a dozen. We have filed the few references we had left in stock:

Won : "a forest" (nk-r01/nk004, cd, 2005)
Ultralibéral : "Ecotourisme" (nk-r06/nk014, dvd audio, 2006)
Traqueurs de Combes : "Attentifs ensemble" (nk-r07/nk016, cd, 2006)
Ultralibéral : "L'âge d'or, encore" (nk-r09/nk024, cd, 2007)
Ultralibéral : "Unshock the monkey-the Mons project" (nk-r11/nk029 et nk030, cd mp3, 2008)

This online is a small compilation of this five reccords, a way for us to mark the occasion. A small booster shot too, just to remember from which comes Nowaki, originally a small self-production label based in Toulouse (south-west of France), a friends story, that has since much evolved.
A way also to thank Mr Zanzotto of the BNF for the surprise and honor he brought us.

Photograph : Franck Jolibois ; Design : M.J.


Dépôt BNF

nk164 Nowaki 08-2015


  • Won : ...5'17"
  • Ultralibéral : "...We need the eyes too..."
  • Traqueurs de Combes : Insane big mountain
  • Won : ...4'48"
  • Ultralibéral : Le défilé du 14 Juillet
  • Won : ...3'36"
  • Ultralibéral : Soigne ta gauche
  • Traqueurs de Combes : Attentifs ensemble
  • Ultralibéral : Berceuse (l'âge d'or, encore)
  • Won : ...7'21''
  • Ultralibéral : Variation 1 (for Morton Feldman)
Recto Tot el que pot un cosVerso Tot el que pot un cos

Photograph and design : M.J.

Light is a blue trap

Tot el que pot un cos

nk163 Nowaki 07-2015


  • A list
  • Lourd, voyager ?
  • Le souffle, juste
  • La teva llengua
  • Tot el que pot un cos
  • Ah, l'aventure !
Recto Mi música / Tarkovski / Scelsi / actriz pornoVerso Mi música / Tarkovski / Scelsi / actriz porno

" Mi música / Tarkovski / Scelsi / actriz porno " is a sound collage consisting of several early compositions of my work modified in real time. In this result is extrapolated different sound files by the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky , the composer Giacinto Scelsi and a pornographic actress of unknown name.

Photograph : Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo ; design : M.J.

Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo

Mi música / Tarkovski / Scelsi / actriz porno

nk162 Nowaki 06-2015


  • Mi música / Tarkovski / Scelsi / actriz porno
Recto Live @ court-circuit caféVerso Live @ court-circuit café

Live @ court-cicuit café, Nice (FR), 2014-12-10.

Photograph and design : M.J.


Live @ court-circuit café

nk161 Nowaki 05-2015


  • Souffle
  • Café
  • Ristretto
  • Mozambico
Recto Storm Among StarsVerso Storm Among Stars

Storm Among Stars.

01 - Journey :
It was a long way from home. A new home. A colony, far away from Orderaki overlords. Epsilon Eridani, the home of human kind. Their birthplace destroyed, they journeyed far and within time, they have entered the system. Two planets, quite cold, a debris disk of remnant planetesimals and two belts of asteroids. "A beautiful place...", said Jaroslava Zadiska, captain of the Darius, the sleeper ship.
Jaroslava was also a granddaughter of a famous but brutal space pirate, Drago, of the same surname. Most of the crew awakens as they arrive
above Epsilon Eridani b, and they begin to land. Creation of the first cities, farms and terraforming systems will take time.

02 - Colonization :
Many years pass and the Eridanians have suffered, but endured. Their populations have grown, their factories built ships and transports. Even machines for war. Science was flourishing.
Jaroslava slowly grew old as she led her people to a brighter future. How did she become a leader ? She was chosen - due to the fact that pirates of old gave birth to the rebellion against the Orderak empire. She knows her resolve must be strong. Rebuild, colonize, create a powerful Empire. Then fulfill your vengeance, even if you are old.

03 - Progress Driven By Vengeance :
And it was not just Jaroslava Zadiska, their leader. Eridanian humans all had a wish for vengeance. Their home was destroyed, their birthplace.
It was a great Empire that did it in the name of their own 'justice', but they slaughtered the families of Eridanians, their friends, their freedom, their independence. They work for survival... and vengeance. United in these two tasks, they grow fast and well.
The Republic of Eridania becomes one - a united but hidden power within the galaxy.

04 - Shadow Contacts :
When economy was fully utilized and the food supply was no longer in danger, the leadership of Eridania began to plan. The plan to strike back, to seek out vengeance and destroy the Orderak Empire once and for all. Archives told of an enemy of the Orderak. The Shadows, Shades. The one enemy Orderak were never able to defeat and they hated each other. A thought - perhaps they will assist.
Since defensive and powerful fleet was built, they have decided to try and send a message to the parts of the Milky Way where Shades lived.
It was not long before Shades appeared right above Epsilon Eridani. It was a tense moment. However, communication was established.

05 - Diplomatic Tendencies :
The ship of the so called Shades was large. Very large. Long approximately 4200 meters (while Eridanian ships were 1000 meters long). Fear was present in both. Who knows, this could all be Orderak trap. Tensions still existed, but eventually, the Shade diplomats agreed to land on the surface.

06 - Meeting Shade Face to Face
It was strange as the Shades seemed new and unusual to Eridanian humans. During the talks it was found out that they are not called Shades or shadows, but Karodians, but were named Shades due to their advanced cloaking technology. The Karodians had five legs, which they could also use arms and hands, each with four fingers. Their single eye black, and they always had to keep masks on their faces, due to their life being based on selenium. They wielded strange black colored rifles, which, according to Karodians, used a large and high powered beams of alpha particles against organic and other life forms. They used other types of weaponry too.

07 - Common Enemy :
The diplomatic talks began shortly after the cultural exchange. Once the language barrier was finally fully passed, they agreed - Orderak are a threat.
The Karodians were fighting them for the last six hundred years. Many died in defense of Karodia, but once cloaking devices were created, it became easy. Although the war became a stalemate, the Orderak enslaved and conquered other galactic races to plunder their resources.
Orderak were a powerful empire, which is filled with corruption, and "filth", as diplomat Xozoruk stated. They agreed, again, that with combined
military operation, they should be able to reach Orderak, the capital of the Orderak Empire, and defeat them once and for all.

08 - Hatred Stronger Than Stars :
Beautiful to see two kinds work together against a common foe, a foe that killed so many of them. Their thirst for vengeance has been great. War was their only option as they both thought diplomacy was certainly out of the question until the Orderak were brought to their knees. Death before surrender or defeat.

09 - Warlike Alliance Rises :
"Within two of your years...", diplomat Xozoruk demands, "... we will begin the offensive. We will send you coordinates to Orderak and other planets closer to you. Together we will attack them.". Jaroslava, as the elected leader of humans, agreed. A treaty was signed.

10 - Through Krasnikov Wormholes :
Eridanian human scientists worked for whole two years on new technologies that would allow them to attack the Orderak efficiently. They thought they would not succeed in time, but, basing his work off a scientist named Krasnikov, Jamal Darin, one of the brilliant Eridanian scientists, finished a faster than light drive that would deliver them to their destination very fast, even faster than Karodians. New ships, larger and better were built, now even up to 2200 meters long. It was a glorious two years for Eridanians.
And when the time was ripe, the offensive began. The offensive lasted for several months, and many had fallen, until they finally reached Orderak Prime, the capital planet of the Orderak...

11 - Battle for Orderak :
The old enemy of the Humans is here, in orbit of Orderak Prime, admiral Tonura, with a very large fleet of surviving Orderak spaceships. The combined two Eridanian and Karodian fleets were hardly a match for it. As soon as the two fleets came out of their respective faster-than-light drives, space mines activated and destroyed many ships. Admiral Tonura quickly ordered a counter attack and a vast battle began.
The Orderak also had new technology, admiral Tonura commanded his fleet from their new behemoth, battlecruiser Daxzri, the largest ship in the
known universe, approximately 14 kilometers long. However, both humans and Karodians had something up their sleeves.
Although an hour and a half late, Jaroslava and another human fleet came rushing into battle with 15 newly created ships, the newest of technology.
The battle itself seemed to be a draw, no one being able to take advantage.
The chaos of battle brought most of the ships some distance away from Orderak Prime and with main part of the battle now being fought near its moon, a new fleet came in. This one, however, was strange. It only had two small support ships and one larger battleship of Karodian design. It was different from other Karodian battleships. All three ships were headed straight for Orderak Prime, the two support ships defending the
battleship, shielding it from unwanted enemy fire. Once in position, it has fired many strange but slow moving missiles at the planet. Then, a large cannon, looking like one of their rifles, began to charge and fired at the planet.
Large nuclear explosions began to appear on the planet. The cannon's beam seemed to have heated up the atmosphere additionally, seemingly
making a global firestorm on Orderak Prime. "An eye for an eye".
The Orderak fleet was eventually defeated, with admiral Tonura and a few other ships retreating into unknown space.

12 - No more Orderak :
The planet of Orderak Prime was still there - but like Earth, no living being was left on it. "An eye for an eye.".
War has brought an end to an Empire. Only ashes remain of its home. Dark vengeance fulfilled, of both kinds. Jaroslava, however, received a message, from the diplomat of Karodian fleet. "Now, we are alone. Perhaps you shall be next. Our alliance is over, and our unending war finally finished."
"We will retake the territories of our once mighty Empire, and you...", diplomat Xozoruk notified Jaroslava, "... and your little planet are in the way."
The Karodian fleet turns against the Eridanian fleet now, and begins to attack. Eridanian fleet falls back to Epsilon Eridani, and begins
preparing for a mighty invasion...

13 - Ashes of an Empire :
A fallen Empire that fought for its power and an existing Empire that has fallen. Chaos ensues the galaxy, as now free planets become independent. New opportunities are now here, for new alliances...
Many are conquered by Karodians, some ally with admiral Tonura, some with Humans...
But will there be the end to this war?
Perhaps in the next chapter.

First release on Haze Netlabel, 02-2015.

Picture : Detail of the Eagle Nebula known under the title of the Pillars of Creation (Hubble Space Telescope, NASA/ESA, 1995) ; design : M.J.

Lord Havoc

Storm Among Stars

nk160 Nowaki 04-2015


  • Journey
  • Colonization
  • Progress Driven By Vengeance
  • Shadow Contacts
  • Diplomatic Tendencies
  • Meeting Shades Face to Face
  • Common Enemy
  • Hatred Stronger Than Stars
  • Warlike Alliance Rises
  • Through Krasnikov Wormholes
  • Battle For Orderak
  • No More Orderak
  • Ashes of an Empire
Recto SeascapeVerso Seascape

Picture : Garik Balayan ; design : M.J.

Anonym 150


nk159 Nowaki 03-2015


  • Without fail
  • Near melancholy
  • Silence#away - one day
  • Rays die
  • Take care
  • Forget or nothing
  • Come what may
Recto 2ndVerso 2nd

"2nd" is the second album by Roberto Massoni, alias Ovio. All tracks were created based on improvisation using the free tools package called "process".
Gentle rhythms, chords pulsed, subtle layers of noise, incomplete melodies, audio bugs, polyrhythm, stillness, darkness, water of a pool moving slowly, the constant sound of a road in the distance, waiting time, fm radio passing the hit, nails freshly painted, the last days of summer.
Music that embraces the wait, sounds that decorate the room, not wanting endure sounds, sounds that do not mean anything, sounds not want to be remembered.

Photographs : Roberto Massoni ; design : M.J.



nk158 Nowaki 03-2015


  • Eleven
  • NadaDeAmor
  • Dije
  • Cicla
  • Jardin
  • Aluminio
  • 364DiasDespues
  • Errr
  • Visperas
  • Isonometrico
Recto Les bétylesVerso Les bétyles

Mastering : Greg Davis

Photograph : Julien A. Lacroix ; design : M.J.

Julien A. Lacroix

Les bétyles

nk157 Nowaki 02-2015


  • -
  • --
  • ---
  • ----
  • -----
  • ------(-)
Recto Days of nothingVerso Days of nothing

Photograph : Sébastien Pires ; design : M.J.


Days of nothing

nk156 Nowaki 01-2015


  • Days of Nothing
  • Fear of Death
  • Encoded Message
  • Cold Train
  • Head Voice
  • Child Garden
Recto Fluid MechanicsVerso Fluid Mechanics


Riley Theodore - guitar and objects
Daniel Moschopoulos - piano, guitar
Alexander Cutteridge - digital percussion, synthesiser

Photographs : Alexander Cutteridge ; design : M.J.

Free Variety Theater and Riley Theodore present

Fluid Mechanics

nk155 Nowaki 01-2015


  • Broken Chakra Part 1 : Operating Within Defined Parameters
  • xbl sluKko insla'ato
  • Hegel's Holiday
  • Broken Chakra Part 2 : Partially Restored
Recto Tired CheerfulVerso Tired Cheerful

Drawing : Santeco Wibowo ; design : M.J.

Santeco Wibowo

Tired Cheerful

nk154 Nowaki 12-2014


  • Hello I am Santeco Wibowo
  • Tired Cheerful
  • Metamorfosis
  • Flower
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Lullaby (cover)
  • Fireflies (cover)
Recto Mechanistische SchrittVerso Mechanistische Schritt

This six tracks present first part called "Mechanistische Schritt" of four volume compilation set "Fabrykacja Nauka" with some previously released and new tracks of whole RMSS noisy-step period.

By thee way...
Other versions of first and second track were previously released in "Dark Sine Delusion EP"

Other version of fourth track was previously self-released by Ravcan in "Damage Service"

Other version of sixth track was previously released in "Inadequate"

Photograph : RMSS Systems Inc. ; design : M.J.

RMSS Systems Inc.

Mechanistische Schritt

nk153 Nowaki 12-2014


  • Ravcan and RMSS Systems Inc. : Dark Sine Delusion [UA Vers]
  • SiJ and RMSS Systems Inc. : Silk Vipe
  • SiJ and RMSS Systems Inc. : Sloughing Earth Gristle
  • Ravcan : Chaotic Disorientation in the Industrial Environment of the Huge Metropolis of Noise [LN Vers]
  • Postgraduate Diagnosis
  • Ravcan and RMSS Systems Inc. : BTB CC Bzzzz termination [FT Vers]
Recto After G spotVerso After G spot

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


After G spot

nk152 Nowaki 11-2014


  • Break
  • Login
  • New disco
  • Rupture
  • Ne pas te perdre
  • Liberté obscure
  • Forget password
  • Je t'aime
  • Cette voix
  • Sang d'encre
  • La nouvelle lune
Recto Versprochen ist versprochenVerso Versprochen ist versprochen

Ninel Cam: voice
Aurore Dudevant: clarinet
Rodolphe Gissinger violin
Sara Nussberger: piano
Clotilde Zulaica: flute
Philippe Zulaica: violin, cello, keyboard, programming

Photograph : Philippe Zulaica ; design : M.J.

Philippe Zulaica

Versprochen ist versprochen

nk151 Nowaki 10-2014


  • Versprochen ist versprochen
  • Souffle court
  • Oscil
  • La cachette
  • A86
  • Crépuscule
  • Flamande
  • Ruhr
  • Lambda
Recto Wandering The WayVerso Wandering The Way

"Wandering The Way"

Solo Tenor Banjo Improvisations 2010-2012

Beyond the baggage of its history generally, i.e. Appalachian folk tunes, hillbillies etc, there's not much I actually know about the banjo as an instrument. The tenor banjo in particular (on which these back-porch and late-night-solace improvisations were recorded) I happen to know even less, except maybe that it was this four-string variant (as opposed to the more common five-string banjo with the extra tuning-key halfway up the neck) that was used backing pop/swing orchestras in the early to mid 20th century.

Anyways, my approach to the t.b. is more informed by the blues of Mississippi Fred McDowell or the harpsichord music of J.S. Bach (and of course our man Eugene Chadbourne has explored that territory; that is: banjo and Bach, thoroughly and peerlessly)… but even more so in the case of this assembly of captured mumblings, music of the Tao as played by Chinese Masters of the Giqin - another instrument I know little-to-nothing of, historically or culturally; but that it has a similar tone and timbre as my beloved banjo.

I hope then that listeners of these pieces can hear them as I did, as coming forth out of the sonorities of the instrument itself without any more intent than hearing its voice and resonances in fleeting moments - undoubtedly naive, indeed; but fragile and honest also… and informed by a deep love for the Way and the efficacy of uselessness.

Lee Noyes, June 2014.

Lee Noyes

Wandering The Way

nk150 Nowaki 10-2014


  • A Sacrifice for the Heavenly Son
  • Blindly Facing the First Rays of Dawn
  • Gathering the Horses Amidst Long Grass
  • A Riding Excursion to Big Tree
  • Sojourning at the Western Outskirts
  • Washing Shell Fragments in a Stream
  • Soundly He Slept ; Suddenly He Awoke
Recto Oderint, dum metuantVerso Oderint, dum metuant

Some vocals, drums and bass by Mia P., Stéphane C. and Eric L ..
Everything else by Marc J..

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Oderint, dum metuant

nk149 Nowaki 09-2014


  • Opoltchentsy
  • Automates incorporels
  • The age of unavoidable spoiler
  • Direnkahkaha
  • Suspension d'incrédulité
  • Oderint, dum metuant
  • Whiteness studies
  • Far fetched dystopia
  • Gestion erratique des données
  • Fruitcakes, loonies, and closet racists
Recto Rupture franche d'un pipeline à l'amont immédiat d'un terminal pétrolier à Nanterre (92)Verso Rupture franche d'un pipeline à l'amont immédiat d'un terminal pétrolier à Nanterre (92)

This album, no one knows when it was started, he said one evening in August 1997, but since he's gone who knows where, and although we do not know.
"So go back there, in your city, and do not put your feet here ...
ah but woe, woe, I saw nothing, I tell you, anything.
and then I do not have to answer you, like .... "

Photographs : WMK ; design : M.J.


Rupture franche d'un pipeline à l'amont immédiat d'un terminal pétrolier à Nanterre (92)

nk148 Nowaki 08-2014


  • Double bind
  • Zug unter ram
  • Autolyse 443
  • Lavomati Katri
  • Dry bones in the valley (John Fahey)
Recto ConclusionesVerso Conclusiones

"Wherever we are, what we hear is noise. When we ignore it, we are uncomfortable. When we listen, we find it fascinating. The sound of a truck at 90 miles per hour. The background noise from a radio station to another. Rain. We want to capture and control these sounds, to use them not as sound effects, but musical instruments. " John Cage.

Photographs : TCBP ; Design : M.J.

The Cherry Blues Project


nk147 Nowaki 08-2014


  • Conclusiones 1
  • Dedicatoria #5
  • Medicine
  • Conclusiones 2
  • Voodoo Love
  • 2:16/61:2
  • Pasos
Recto I Am The Ship/I Am The ShamanVerso I Am The Ship/I Am The Shaman

Artwork : Jared C. Balogh ; design : M.J.

Jared C. Balogh

I Am The Ship/I Am The Shaman

nk146 Nowaki 07-2014


  • Nunquam Revolvo
  • Shifting Patterns And Challenging Journeys
  • The Ship And The Shaman
Recto TriptychonVerso Triptychon

Photographs : André Téjo ; design : M.J

Latin People With Breathing Problems


nk145 Nowaki 07-2014


  • Untitled 001-1
  • Untitled 001-2
  • Untitled 002-1
  • Untitled 002-2
  • Untitled 002-3
  • Untitled 002-4
  • Untitled 002-5
  • Untitled 003-1
  • Untitled 003-2
  • Untitled 003-3
Recto KtonokinoVerso Ktonokino

..."Having always played together as electroacoustic improvisation, in 2013 the meeting of two singular universe (industrial drives and dreamy shades) takes the form of an album of sound poetry, conceived as a disturbing dream movie: KTONOKINO - cinema of the embedded world for the ear around their own texts. They plan a live version."

Photograph : Eric Demay ; Design : M.J.

Arnaud Romet et Eric Demay


nk144 Nowaki 06-2014


  • Intra
  • Lots de wagons
  • Operanimal
  • Drozofeeling
  • Intralude
  • Instants
  • L'anus de la société
  • Evolage
  • Aujourd'hui
  • Un homme s'énerve
  • Ultralude
  • Entralude
  • Talons aiguille
  • Extralude
  • Un siècle d'oreille
  • Explagnne
  • Le ciel de notre aura
  • Tribunal
  • 2 Kratères
  • Ions déserts
  • Ciel orange limite
  • Hors
Recto Chega de BumBumVerso Chega de BumBum

Photograph and design : M.J.


Chega de BumBum

nk143 Nowaki 05-2014


  • Dear Particle
  • Hydre Oblique
  • Meet Tronic 65 Epopee
  • Coriace Crunch
  • Benevolent Hegemony
  • Icare Crame
  • Chega de BumBum
  • Cellular Crisis
  • SynapsOm̐
Recto In betweenVerso In between

In Between is a remix, compilation album of Lord Havoc. Some songs on this album were released as singles, some are remixed and reedited by Zaman Cheh. This is Lord Havocs second full length, but still not his debut. Till now Lord Havoc released two debut EPs and his debut is out to be released somewhere these days. In Between is, as it was Futuristic Space Invasion, just a collection of tapes recorded and made on his way to his debut and first real ful length album. Watch out for it!

Photographies : Lord Havoc ; design : M.J.

Lord Havoc

In between

nk142 Nowaki 05-2014


  • G.I.D.
  • Genitrix Sidera
  • HyperstheneEttringiteKnebeliteRealgarUranophane (Zaman Cheh Mix)
  • Opacum Foramen
Recto InLeafletsVerso InLeaflets

Photographs and artwork : Olga Kopyova ; design : M.J.

Anonym 150


nk141 Nowaki 04-2014


  • Panorama
  • Crystal air
  • Twinkle
  • Levitation
  • Remained glare
  • Erased
  • Mistiness
  • Atlantis
  • One day with a butterfly
Recto Countdown To ArmageddonVerso Countdown To Armageddon

Image : purchased by Saša on the Internet ; design : M.J.

Sasha Raven

Countdown To Armageddon

nk140 Nowaki 04-2014


  • Angel Smile More
  • Armageddon
  • Crying Angel
  • Fallen Angels
  • Gun Shots
  • Kiss Me (Classical Version)
  • Pesem Mrtvih
  • Phone
  • Talking Angel
Recto CollectionVerso Collection

Everything by Moxx.

Photographs : Moxx ; design : M.J.



nk139 Nowaki 03-2014


  • aavin (2011)
  • puloise (2014)
  • sylvae (2006)
  • nightoff (2006)
  • bOss (2013)
  • GardeAVue (2007)
  • forteen (2007)
  • maritalia (2014)
  • Steewid (2008)
  • sanssoucis (2014)
Recto Enfoui, incognitoVerso Enfoui, incognito

A collaborative project of Philippe Lamy and Philippe Neau (Nobodisoundz).

Photograph : Philippe Neau ; design : M.J.


Enfoui, incognito

nk138 Nowaki 03-2014


  • De l'eau dans les pinceaux
  • Sous le couvercle, la flaque
  • Séquences cursives, aquatines
  • Touches légères, ensemble contrasté
  • Eau saturée, bande sautante
  • Onde soulevée, ruisselante
  • Evaporation des miettes
Recto Low InfoVerso Low Info

The truth is an "avant-soul" New Yorkers duet composed of Jesse Ricke (guitar) and Scott Wollschleger (piano).

Photographs : Jesse Ricke ; design : M.J.

The Truth

Low Info

nk137 Nowaki 02-2014


  • Sock Drawer
  • Low Information 2
  • Low Information 1
Recto Hard as f_ck, hard as KatieVerso Hard as f_ck, hard as Katie

Sonervols new album Hard as f_ck, hard as Katie is Sonervols recent trip into XXX noise adventure started around a year ago. It combines porn noise tapes with sharp field noise tapes recorded on Sonervols computer, mobile phone, dictaphone and photo camera. It's mostly lo-fi pimped in some old version of Adobe Audition.

Still photography : Sonervol ; design : M.J.


Hard as f_ck, hard as Katie

nk136 Nowaki 01-2014


  • 12th Of January In My Room
  • Katie June 1999 to 2010 Audio Po_n
  • Katie June Audio Noise Po_n
  • Gad Damnn
  • Katie June Audio Po_n #2
  • Katie June's Age 18 Hardc_re T__n
  • I Like To Listen To Those Girls
  • Katie June Audio Po_n #1
  • Katie June's Hardc_re T__n
  • Po_n Noise Tejk 11
  • XXX Mania
  • No Girfriend Around
Recto OhVerso Oh

"Light blue is a trap" is a project of sound poetry developed by Felip Costaglioli and Marc Jolibois.
"Oh" summarizes the first attempts made between Summer 2012 and Summer 2013.

Photography and design : M.J.

Light is a blue trap


nk135 Nowaki 01-2014


  • Roman
  • The birds
  • Portrait d'Ulysse en grand mélancolique
  • Oh
  • Etre une nèfle
Recto Ghost's last danceVerso Ghost's last dance

"Our world is just information coded with an infinite number of numbers between 0 and 1, and controlled by the Great Organizer Dimensional with his huge capacity, G.O.D.
Bugs exist, impossible events happen sometimes, incompatible states coexist as proofs.
On this day of december 2012, three musicians leave Albuquerque at 3:13 pm to
L.A. in a blue minibus decorated with mauve flowers. At 5:17pm, a meteorit crashes
on the minibus. At he same time, G.O.D misfunctions.
As Schrödinger's cat before opening the box, passengers of the minibus are both dead and alive.Except that, in this case, the box was opened.
The remains found between crushed iron sheets were buried,but even so the JCA trio journeyed on to LA in the same minibus perfectly blue with mauve flowers.
Before G.O.D rectifies this bug, they came in a studio and recorded a proof, this album, two days after their death."

Professor Georges W. Bug.

Musicians :
Jesse Ricke : guitars, effects, vocal on "last dance"
Christophe Meulien : keyboards, electronics, ipad drums
André D. : bass, ebow, objects, voice on "ghost"

recorded in New-York and South of France, 2013.

Photography : Déclic Pholiotte ; design : M.J.


Ghost's last dance

nk134 Nowaki 12-2013


  • Souls and flowers
  • Schrödinger's cat
  • Ghost
  • G.O.D.
  • Last dance
Recto BroussaillesVerso Broussailles

"At the crossroads of electroacoustic composition and improvisation instrument.
Provide the public with a walk, a wandering between himself and the world.
Making scenery in the mist."

Photography : Alban de Tournadre ; design : M.J.

Alban de Tournadre


nk133 Nowaki 12-2013


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
Recto L'esprit de l'escalierVerso L'esprit de l'escalier

Lee Noyes :
single-surface percussion, piezio and feedback electronics.

Recorded : Dunedin, NZ, February and March 2010.
Mixed and mastered : August and September 2011.
Additional mastering : July and August 2013.

Artwork : Lee Noyes ; design : M.J.

Lee Noyes

L'esprit de l'escalier

nk132 Nowaki 11-2013


  • Setting South
  • Dogs and words
  • Statements are the work of other men
  • What didn't get said
  • Borrowing externals
Recto Vibration CallingVerso Vibration Calling

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; Design : M.J.


Vibration Calling

nk131 Nowaki 11-2013


  • Peace
  • RMX Untroe feat. Tchad Unpoe
  • Exit
  • Now Here
  • Love motion
  • Interludadelic
  • Animal
  • Epilogue
  • Maison
  • Juste
  • Suite
  • La vie
  • Pousser les murs
  • Bastille
  • Mobile
  • RMX do or die feat. Tchad Unpoe
Recto Imaginary Pianist Of Imaginary OrchestraVerso Imaginary Pianist Of Imaginary Orchestra

"Second album of The Owlest from Terebovlya, Ukraine, has more modern classical sounding than previous, but there are still notes of easy listening and fairy-tales. Imaginary Pianist Of Imaginary Orchestra is about imagination. It is about weird people, those like to imagine everything. Their fantasy is so powerful, that they can imagine little orchestra with piano and talented pianist. They could walk and hear music of their imaginary orchestra in their heads. Beautiful music with piano, because pianist playing louder, than other musicians and more wonderfully."

Photographie : Ksenya Maksymlyuk ; design : M.J.

The Owlest

Imaginary Pianist Of Imaginary Orchestra

nk130 Nowaki 10-2013


  • Landscape Of Your Wrists
  • Imaginary Orchestra
  • Inner Peace Of January
  • Baroque
  • Old Maps (For Pianos)
  • Cordocentrism
Recto Incorporated Ambit Of Lifeless SpaceVerso Incorporated Ambit Of Lifeless Space

This project was originally published on the super HAZE netlabel.

Tracks 1, 6, 9 written by SiJ and RMSS Systems Inc.
Track 2 written by Morbid Silence and RMSS Systems Inc. Cutted version by SiJ.
Tracks 4, 7 written by RMSS Systems Inc. Cutted version track 7 by RMSS Systems Inc.
Tracks 3, 5, 8 written by SiJ.

Track 1 appeared on the competition "GENERATION.torrent-2013"
Track 2 appeared on the EP "RMSS Systems Inc. - Dark Sine Delusion" published on Ephedrina
Track 6 appeared on the compilation "Infraschall Vol.4" published on Dark System

All tracks were recorded at October 2011 - February 2013.
All tracks mastered by RMSS Systems Inc.

Artwork design : Bela Lugos ; design : M.J.

Original snapshots by ESA/Hubble:
"I ridescent Glory of Nearby Planetary Nebula Showcased on Astronomy Day "
NASA, NOAO, ESA, the Hubble Helix Nebula Team, M. Meixner (STScI), and T.A. Rector (NRAO).
" Abell 2218 "
NASA, ESA, and Johan Richard (Caltech, USA)
" Magnetic monster NGC 1275 "
NASA, ESA and Andy Fabian (University of Cambridge, UK)
" Using Hubble to chart the future motions of stars within a cluster "
NASA, ESA, J. Anderson and R. van der Marel (STScI)
" Hubble spies tiny galaxies aglow with star birth "
NASA, ESA, A. van der Wel (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy), H. Ferguson and A. Koekemoer (Space Telescope Science Institute), and the CANDELS team

SiJ and RMSS Systems Inc.

Incorporated Ambit Of Lifeless Space

nk129 Nowaki 10-2013


  • Go To Dreamside
  • Nihil III Feat. Morbid Silence (cutted version)
  • Kir-Pitch
  • Zoviet Lounge
  • Solar Stone
  • Sloughing Earth Gristle
  • Postgraduate Diagnosis (cutted version)
  • In The Twinkling Of Solaris
  • Constellation Of Hunting Dogs
Recto Urban RiverVerso Urban River

"Oppressed by the heat of the asphalt. Crossing disused sites, narrow roads, dark and twisty, I feel human heaviness. Oppression watching me and eventually dissipate into the tortured excitement of urban river"

Photograph : Sébastien Pirès ; Design : M.J.


Urban River

nk128 Nowaki 09-2013


  • Ambiguous Current
  • Black Water
  • Human Intervention
  • Zomb
  • Cerebral Dance
  • Next Lock
  • Ground System
  • Urban Project
Recto EqualVerso Equal

Photograph and design : M.J.

Orgatanatos and Plandercozeron


nk127 Nowaki 09-2013


  • Ascension
  • Cold emission
  • Equal
  • Inconceivable senses
  • Rain in Pripyat'
Recto Nos namajsVerso Nos namajs

Henry Koek : woodwind, voice and others.
Christophe Meulien : guitar, voice and others.
André D. : bass and others.
Recorded live at Cuers, France. May 1, 2013.

Photograph and design : M.J.

André D. / C. Meulien / Henry Koek

Nos namajs

nk126 Nowaki 08-2013


  • En route
  • Solution
  • Yell sauvage
  • Signal fort
  • Tension libre
  • La porte étroite
  • Veston bleu
  • Clair
Recto LentVerso Lent

Lent : a desert-field, face-down in the sand.
Massimo Magee : contact mic'd feedback tenor saxophone
Lee Noyes : input-loop sampler and composition.

Lent Bent : several iterations of sound and image.
Massimo Magee : data-bending, image-manipulation.

Photograph : Lee Noyes (front), Massimo Magee (back) ; design : M.J.

Lee Noyes/Massimo Magee


nk125 Nowaki 08-2013


  • Lent
  • Lent Bent
Recto MikadoVerso Mikado

" I bought a new electric guitar and i started playing with my computer for a week."

Photograph : Julien Mérieau ; Design : M.J.

Zoom Back Camera


nk124 Nowaki 08-2012


  • City
  • My pace
  • Coeur-machine
  • 14 Juillet
  • Setting fire to our insides for fun
  • Your dress is still in my fantasies
Recto Stéréonucléose Verso Stéréonucléose

For "European Night of Museums", May 18, 2013, the Museum of Art and History of the city of Narbonne (Fr) invited us to "sound to" its huge and beautiful pieces, lying to the top floor of the Archbishop's Palace (XIII c.). Warm, place sublime, rare and wonderful experience. We present here a large part of this unforgettable evening. Big thank you to Bertrand Ducourau for his initiative, his home and his fidelity, and the entire staff of the museum.

Photography: Bertrand Ducourau; design: M.J.



nk123 Nowaki 07-2013


  • Stéréonucléose : live @ Palais des Archevêques, Narbonne, 18-05-2013
Recto Useless EatersVerso Useless Eaters

Drawings : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Useless Eaters

nk122 Nowaki 07-2013


  • H (>H)
  • Aporie
  • Trust in progress
  • Our fragile intelect
  • L'hypothèse de Stéphane H.
  • A means to another end
  • Internal nano-drone
  • Useless Eaters
Recto Darkk Lux RunnerVerso Darkk Lux Runner

La course à contre-jour
de l'homme lumière
fend l'outrenoir spatial
Plonge dans l'aube-jour contrastée
des limbes colorées
Soulève le blanc à l'infini
L' enveloppe sans limite
Étend la blancheur
Navigue au-delà des cimes
Libre, infiniment blanc

"Darkk lux runner could hear and live like a trip to an in-between, where light and dark coexist, a stroll through a mixed mental landscape, and air tight ..."

Photograph : Philippe Neau ; Design : M.J.


Darkk Lux Runner

nk121 Nowaki 06-2013


  • The race against the sun
  • Of the light man
  • Splits the space beyond blackness
  • Dives into the contrasted dawn-day
  • Of colourful limbo
  • Lifts the whiteness in the horizon
  • The limitless husk
  • Expands the whiteness
  • Flies over the tops
  • Freely, infinitely white
Recto Cravate fantaisieVerso Cravate fantaisie

"This album consists of various recordings (improvisations, fragments of unfinished models) made between 2001 and 2007, supplemented by some more recent catches in 2013. This raw material is assembled, stacked, cut and glued creating accidental but rather intentional harmonies."

Simon Breth: cello
Ninel Cam: voice
Aurore Dudevant: clarinet
Rodolphe Gissinger: violin
Philippe Zulaica violin, piano, keyboards, programming

Photograph : Philippe Zulaica ; Design : M.J.

Philippe Zulaica

Cravate fantaisie

nk120 Nowaki 06-2013


  • Etrangère
  • Dimanche
  • Collection
  • Photocopie
  • Scripted reality
  • Le réveil
Recto From a distanceVerso From a distance

"The tracks of this album are the result of a musical online collaboration on the base of free improvisation during December 2012 and January 2013 after virtual having met on Souncloud.com"

Christophe Meulien (Paris) : Electric guitar, piano, samples.
Jan van Wissen (Amsterdam) : Acoustic guitar, harmonica.

Art work (installation) : Jan van Wissen ; Design : M.J.

Christophe Meulien / Jan Van Wissen

From a distance

nk119 Nowaki 05-2013


  • Near to close-by
  • Perfect world
  • Poor doggy
  • One way ticket to Mars
  • An aisle or a window seat ?
  • Lost Fly
  • From a distance
  • Wonky steps
  • Slomo slapstick
  • Don't worry, just freestyling
Recto Salmon EpVerso Salmon Ep

"After more than six months to refine every sound, I reveal here a little bit of my world. Made from aqueous noises and surreal textures, I made this EP on the concept of a journey, each piece representing a stop. I hope you enjoy the journey. Happy listening. "
Le Melodist (www.atomixproject.fr) and Robert Joseph Manning mastered those tracks.

Picture : Joachim lux ; design: M.J.

Joachim De Lux

Salmon Ep

nk118 Nowaki 04-2013


  • Cry Of A Bird
  • Stay Close To A Fire
  • Fresh Water Drowning
  • 0.99
  • Caravane (With Antoine Algar)
  • Bury It
  • Lullaby For The Synths
Recto Threshold HouseVerso Threshold House

"This album is about the house, which is no more.
About a man who comes into the house of childhood,
but the place of the house only tundra."

Recorded in the period from February 2008 to July 2012.
In recording took part:
Gumpilen : idea, concept, and interpretation of the piano, reverb.
Jafar : wind instruments.
George P. : noise resonator, the concept, the implementation of.
Lager : noise operator.
The Driver The trolley : reverb.
Engineers recording: Gumpilen and George P.
Mixing and editing: Gumpilen

Photograph : Darya Kirillova ; Design : M.J.


Threshold House

nk117 Nowaki 03-2013


  • Road
  • Can we go back ?
  • Air
  • Forest dwellers
  • Threshold house
  • Tundra
Recto On-off Libido : 2006-2009Verso On-off Libido : 2006-2009

"Nothing is poison, everything is poison. Only the dose makes the poison " Paracelsus.
The most important is not so much in the music than in the mental images which are the source.
Intimate strangeness of the sensation is infinite, the rest is just babbling.
Photograph : joli-joli ; design: M.J.


On-off Libido : 2006-2009

nk116 Nowaki 02-2013


  • Ferenczi-technik
  • Calling to yourself
  • Learning a new science
  • And now, she likes it !
  • Please call me a driver (to Abbes)
  • Tina rides a cock on couch
  • Behind a fridge
  • Yadsruht no dsl
  • Foreign exchange
  • The incredible waxman
Recto Behind the hill...Verso Behind the hill...

"Behind the hill hides another hill ..." was originally a series of impromptu recorded by Christophe André and D. Meulien
At their request, this session of improvised music has received input from a winter wind, intense and inspired from overseas sleeve.
This is the trio version, with subtle and luminous contribution of Hervé Perez, we give you to understand here.
Recorded in December 2012, between Cuers (France) and Sheffield (England).

Good listening ...

Hervé Perez - soprano saxophone, shakuhachi
Christophe Meulien - piano, digital tablet
André D. - Bass, various objects

Photograph and design : M.J.

André D. / Christophe Meulien / Hervé Perez

Behind the hill...

nk115 Nowaki 02-2013


  • The Lonely Mansion's story
  • Behind the hill
  • The waiting room
  • Monday morning
  • Train for Newtown
Recto Free FruitsVerso Free Fruits

"This album collects some of the fallen fruit synth box the computer's microphone piano.
These are fruits harvested between late 2011 and April 2012. Found randomly picked, tasted, sorted, put aside a little cleaning. Here they are.
Enjoy the game, the replay, I'll say it again, re-link the electronic computer, the reinvite instrumental afford pulse again, and even a few voices.
Finally for me this is the real return to the music itself after meter devoted to electroacoustic and multimedia only for 15 years.
Hard-played sometimes, therefore, assumed, finally, human gesture, and the virtuosity of M.Ordinateur, beautiful metronomes. Claps a bit in places, hums, murmurs, it pulsates, it wanders it.
Some fruits are ripe, others a little green, acids, sweets, weirds i hope.
Pleasure to be published on the net-label, without a contract, without condition, without difficulty, without no.
Best listening. "A.R.

Photograph : Arnaud Romet ; design : M.J.

Arnaud Romet

Free Fruits

nk114 Nowaki 01-2013


  • B.W.A.T.T. n° 3-4-5-6-etc
  • Avérée Rive
  • Free Fruit
  • Orgue Crusey
  • B.W.-iano-TT n° 1
  • Pianorépéto
  • Ergonomie
  • B.W.-iano-TT n° 2
  • B.W.A.T.T. n° 2
  • B.W.-iano-TT n° 3
  • B.W.A.T.T - T.O.T. Light n° 2
  • Turn On the Light
  • Chat Toit Danse
  • B.W.A.T.T. n° 1
  • Expé J.
  • B.W.A.T.T - T.O.T. Light n°1
  • Balle à grain
  • Cabaretrétif
  • Wazios
  • Vespérines
  • Vous êtes Silhouette
  • B.E.A.U.T.É.
  • Verglas Luisant Lent
  • Poulailler
  • B.W.-iano-TT n° 4
  • Piano industriel lent
  • Lynch's ballade
Recto Reels of an infinite dreamVerso Reels of an infinite dream

"After finishing 'Leaving in waves' last year, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I only knew that I didn't want to create something similar with my previous work. So I started experimenting with new sounds, trying to keep things simple. I deliberately kept the orchestrations as minimalistic as possible and made them relatively short, like a glimpse to what could someday become a real track. After working like this for about 5 months I realised I had come up with about 30 ideas, many of which were really bad, of course. So, I chose only 9 of them - the ones that still had a meaning to me - and edited them to this album. However, I wasn't sure that I liked the result production-wise, so I decided not to ever release it. It was only a month ago that I listened to the whole work again, made a few changes in the sound and found it a good idea to share it with you and anybody else that could be interested." C.A.

Photograph : Lyconaut ; design : M.J.

Clayton Alpha

Reels of an infinite dream

nk113 Nowaki 12-2012


  • Resolution fades
  • Pleasurescope
  • Things once called our own
  • Loopwalker
  • Headline
  • The Smilist
  • Suntape Zero
  • Trauma Elite
  • Movements die when people move
Recto Chutes de candeurVerso Chutes de candeur

"Falling is indeed the primordial material from which feels dawn coherence, emergence of themes that we can shape and reflect our history. It is simple story: we vibrate among the myriad of whiteness bewitch us ... "

Photographs and Design: M.J.


Chutes de candeur

nk112 Nowaki 12-2012


  • Chute de candeurs
  • Bloody cocoon
  • A fleur de Tropique
  • Vague alarme
  • Rapport F.O.S.N.I.
  • L'orgie des décombres
  • Sceptic pop
  • Apoplexie en trois actes
Recto Disquiet Junto Project 0039 - RemixingNowakiVerso Disquiet Junto Project 0039 - RemixingNowaki

Disquiet Junto Project 0039: Netlabel Derivations.

"Each Thursday evening at the Disquiet Junto group on Soundcloud.com a new compositional challenge is set before the group's members, who then have just over four days to upload a track in response to the assignment...

...The assignment was made early in the afternoon, California time, on Thursday, September 27, with 11:59pm on the following Monday, October 1, as the deadline...

...The netlabel phenomenon is a tremendous force in contemporary music, with hundreds of these small organizations around the world actively distributing for free the music of willing musicians. In many ways, the concept of the netlabel is at the forefront of the Creative Commons except for one lingering issue: Many netlabels set their tracks to a license that doesn't allow for derivative works. On a label-by-label basis, that's likely an informed decision. But from a broader perspective, it arguably stunts the promotion of shared culture.

In order to encourage the employment of licenses that allow for derivative works, such as remixes, the Disquiet Junto will focus its collective attention this week to a netlabel that allows for derivative works. We'll take three tracks from three different releases from the Nowaki label, based in Toulouse, France, and combine them into remixed celebrations of the label's vibrancy.

So, the assignment this week is simple. Please download the following three tracks from the netlabel Nowaki and combine them into a new track. You can process the sourced audio in any way you choose, but you can't add anything to it...

...This Disquiet Junto project was done as a celebration of the efforts of the Nowaki netlabel, and to support its employment of licenses that allow for derivative works. This track is comprised of three pieces of music: Irise by Barascud (nk104), Sumatra by André D / Christophe Meulien (nk106), and She Likes to Look at the Sky by Kluge (nk089). More on the Nowaki label, and the original versions of these tracks."

"...The Nowaki netlabel was selected for the Juno project for a simple reason: while there are many netlabels (some 500 or so active ones at this stage, releasing music intentionally for free download), and while their practice embraces the Creative Commons, very few go the next step and make their music available for the production of derivative works. Nowaki is the sadly rare exception. So it was that, in the end, 19 Disquiet Junto members went to work on a handful of Nowaki tracks..."

Marc Weidenbaum.


"All these bottles thrown into the sea eventually found recipients.This encourages. Greetings. Marc."

Photographs et Design : M.J.


Disquiet Junto Project 0039 - RemixingNowaki

nk111 Nowaki 11-2012


  • L-A-J : Distant
  • Carlos Lemosh : Threesome
  • Flektarn : Baud Arcs
  • Mark Rushton : 39 Steps
  • Simpsi : Shelter
  • Lordofoverstock : Untitled
  • Vuzhmusic : Fall Gales
  • Jimmy Kpple : No lopessu umts e acie 7smta21
  • Naotko : It's gonna grain
  • All N4tural : Unlimited Tape Heads
  • Ken Mistove : Tiny Hinter
  • vanWinkle : Blend'n'rend
  • Would Be Messiahs : Lenticular Faults Strike - Slip From Her Eyes
  • Jared Smyth : Lat Lon
  • BHurtado : I'm tired and i'm droning, and 1-2-3-4
  • Dublinator : Version 4 Gestalt
  • Dizzy Banjo : Bugs in the Nowaki
  • Crooked teeth : Inevitabile Fatum
  • Be a Waterwolf J.Lemont : Remixing in MilNowaki(ee), WisCanadian
Recto Recollection of the worlds (part 2)Verso Recollection of the worlds (part 2)

Conceived in a musical library style, Recollection Of The Worlds part 2 offers you the possibilities of a fast transportation, for less than an hour,
through places and times.
For less than an hour, you can go in Prague in 1968, in Malouine Isalnds in 1982, in Santiago de Chile in 1973 and many other places and many other times.
So, be ready for this amazing experience, around the world, around the time and take a beer.

Photograph : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

Recollection of the worlds (part 2)

nk110 Nowaki 10-2012


  • Pakistan 1977 - 23h00m07
  • Indonesia 1966 - 23h05m45
  • Borneo 1962 - 23h08m33
  • Cambodia 1978 - 23h10m25
  • Ukrainia 1986 - 23h13m48
  • Turkey 1974 - 23h15m13
  • Lebanon 1975 - 23h17m34
  • Somalia 1992 - 23h25m23
  • Nigeria 1967 - 23h28m04
  • Italy 1969 - 23h30m58
  • Czechoslovakia 1968 - 23h35m39
  • Germany 1961 - 23h38m53
  • Ireland 1972 - 23h42m46
  • USA 1963 - 23h44m30
  • Chile 1973 - 23h45m44
  • Brazil 1964 - 23h51m36
  • Falkland Islands 1982 - 23h55m51
Recto Surrounding Human BehaviorVerso Surrounding Human Behavior

Photograph : Eric Lornet ; design : M.J.


Surrounding Human Behavior

nk109 Nowaki 09-2012


  • Réification
  • Clouds are coughing
  • De "La Maja Dolorosa"
  • Leaderless revolutions
  • Extimité
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  • Un caillou dans le désert pendant cent mille ans
  • Happy Harry
  • Greed is good
  • Dirtiness is next to Antigodliness
  • Surrounding Human Behavior
  • Militant intertainment
Recto Used to Karma revolutionVerso Used to Karma revolution

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


Used to Karma revolution

nk108 Nowaki 08-2012


  • Used to Karma revolution
Recto Talk To Night TreesVerso Talk To Night Trees

" Talk To Night Trees is an album of easy listening music, that takes your hand and bring you to a fairy world. This music is whole of different feelings, emotions and weirdness. If you close your eyes, you'll find yourself in night forest. There is very dark and pleasantly. You feel any fear. You hear some noise in the grass. This is little hedgehog, you pet his back and go on.

You see big yellow moon, which look like a golden coin, through the branches. It lights on pine with a couple of owls in branches. They read letter aloud, because it is also intended for trees too. You shut eyes and feels smell not only of pines, but also of nettles and cinnamon. That aroma dopes your head. You open eyes and think that stars on a sky are like freckles on a face.

You hear noise of the wind and it breaks your thoughts in the middle. You go in deeper forest blindly, believing in your feelings and inside compass. You hear rustling of the lake bulrush, but there are no bulrush and no lake. There are your insomnia and entropy, which bites in head like an alcohol. You feel some touch to shoulder. That's violet bird, which fly away in that moment, when you open your eyes.

You come close to big tree, hug it and begin to talk with it. You talk about everything in the world. You talk about hedgehogs and forests, about nocturnes and post marks, about more, than 9 centuries of Terebovlya and owls, which lives in that town, about ruins of the old fortress and town hall, about church bells and roadway, about birds, which have violet color and nettles among cinnamon.

You fall silent suddenly, cause understanding, that you living in real fairy. You and the tree. " Nazariy Zanoz.

Artwork : Olya Sirenko ; Design : M.J.

The Owlest

Talk To Night Trees

nk107 Nowaki 07-2012


  • Nocturne For Hedgehog
  • Moon Through The Branches
  • Letter To Owls And Pines
  • Nettles Among Cinnamon
  • Constellation Of Freckles
  • Rustle Of The Lake Bulrush
  • Dear Insomnia And Entropy
  • My Violet Birds
  • Talk To Night Trees
  • Nine Centuries In Terebovlya
Recto ArchipelVerso Archipel

"Archipel" is a set of musical pieces for piano, bass and digital tablet
composed at a distance by web files exchange.

Christophe Meulien : piano and digital tablet.
André D. : bass and ebow.

Recorded in May 2012.
Compositions and arrangements by Christophe Meulien and André D.

Photograph and Design : M.J.

André D / Christophe Meulien


nk106 Nowaki 07-2012


  • Alcatraz
  • Dans l'antre du docteur Moreau
  • Le naufrage de Circé
  • L'îlot englouti
  • Bouteille à la mer
  • L'atoll du Diable
  • Sumatra
  • L'île aux trois sorcières
  • Terre-Neuve
  • Nausicaa
Recto Level 75Verso Level 75

"I refreshed this morning by walking in these places that inspire me so much along the river. Mixture of forest roads, urban remnants, of questionable concrete huts, bridges and tagged industries where all semi-aquatic sleep seems an almost soothing, detached but also disturbing. Associated with a postoperative medicated contemplative state and unsteady, that's an idyllic setting to feed my inspiration. " 

Photograph : Sebastian Pires ; Design : M.J.


Level 75

nk105 Nowaki 06-2012


  • No Air
  • Go
  • Final (Hi-Fi)
  • GRKT
  • New Air
  • Niveau 75
  • Last or Next
  • Sub-Nature
  • Down
  • Back
  • Pulsation
  • Breath
Recto SummitVerso Summit

Photograph and design : M.J.



nk104 Nowaki 05-2012


  • Brouillards
  • Falaises
  • Du ciel
  • Bird's birth
  • Traversant la pinède
  • Irise
  • Summit
  • A perte de vue
  • Passés les nuages
Recto Sharity ScrewedVerso Sharity Screwed

Painting : Arnot Jolibois ; Design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Sharity Screwed

nk103 Nowaki 04-2012


  • Dire Homs
  • "...un immense plaisir..."
  • Tribute to Copwatchers
  • Sharity Screwed
Recto Animals And Their People (Poetry Of Paul Eluard)Verso Animals And Their People (Poetry Of Paul Eluard)

"Recorded under the influence of socio-cultural image of Paul Eluard. In compositions, listener can find frozen notes of nervousness, compositions and emotional isolation.
You can just use concentration and imagination. The record was made by
using guitar, accordion, radio receiver, manipulation with objects,
field recordings and subsequent processing."

Photograph : Kluge ; Design : M.J.


Animals And Their People (Poetry Of Paul Eluard)

nk102 Nowaki 03-2012


  • Debt And Anxiety
  • Animals And Their People
  • Mourir De Ne Pas Mourir
  • Hot Lust Of Life
  • Rose For All
Recto Ad Libitum SuspectVerso Ad Libitum Suspect

After a first attempt having value of founding and exposing the possibles by the duo freshly made, sWeenDL seems to have found his breath and returns with a much more accomplished project.
Experimenting with new techniques of work, the evolution of the agreement in terms of aesthetics and sound clearing, slowly transfigure their improvised productions, here are some pieces that one would swear premeditated.
A second album a little less dark, smelling of maturation, where mastery of primitive tensions leaving the field open to sovereign climax, calm and dangerous at a time.

Photograph and design : M.J.


Ad Libitum Suspect

nk101 Nowaki 03-2012


  • Rythm Order
  • World of Affinities
  • Pic du Remous
  • Tempopot Primordial
  • Suzanne à l'imminence
  • Atomic Tenderness
  • Gâchette hors d'usage
  • Scalpe au poing !
Recto  Rariora and Marginalia vol.1 Verso  Rariora and Marginalia vol.1

For this centenary issue, we are pleased to offer you a selection of pieces, mostly unpublished, of artists who participated in the Nowaki adventure.
One way to take stock, a renewed perspective of our catalog, and an opportunity to discover or rediscover rare and marginal approaches.
Generous released (some thirty pieces), available in two volumes, the first satisfy fans of moods and voices, while the second will be focussing on rhythms and chords.
Big thank you to all the artists for their talent and motivation, and to all the listeners for their curiosity. Thanks to you all, Nowaki exists, lives, and prosperous. The relay operates, the adventure continues, full of treasures and surprises.

Photograph and design : M.J.


Rariora and Marginalia vol.1

nk100 a Nowaki 02-2012


  • Barascud : Refuge
  • Pimp : Sing while you may
  • eXitYouSick : 3 métamorphoses
  • Naomu : Petit-oeuf
  • Philippe Lamy : Fugit, si vite
  • Dongle Doc : L'arroseur a raison
  • Christian Meyer : I wish the rain would wash it all away
  • Tuuli/Tulii vs Joli-Joli : Saturation/Civilization
  • Golem Mécanique : Météors
  • 6pyT : Loanvl
  • Grégory David : Aven Aven
  • Sébastien Llinarès : Luis Quintana : "Apuntes interrumpidos"
  • Iris Lancery : RéflexionsBruit
  • Orzchis Occlusia : Deus absconditus
  • Stretchandrelax : La Mess
  • Ultralibéral : Un caillou dans le désert pendant 100 000 ans
Recto Rariora and Marginalia vol.2Verso Rariora and Marginalia vol.2

For this centenary issue, we are pleased to offer you a selection of pieces, mostly unpublished, of artists who participated in the Nowaki adventure.
One way to take stock, a renewed perspective of our catalog, and an opportunity to discover or rediscover rare and marginal approaches.
Generous released (some thirty pieces), available in two volumes, the first satisfy fans of moods and voices, while the second will be focussing on the rhythms and chords.
Big thank you to all the artists for their talent and motivation, and to all the listeners for their curiosity. Thanks to you all, Nowaki exists, lives, and prosperous. The relay operates, the adventure continues, full of treasures and surprises.

Photograph and design : M.J.


Rariora and Marginalia vol.2

nk100 b Nowaki 02-2012


  • Naomu : Petit-nuit
  • Parametic Delay : Freedom
  • Poborsk : Imbroglio 800
  • Vompleud : Gommette noire
  • Pimp : Shadowbox
  • tHOAm : Sybilline
  • Barascud : Frimas
  • Kluge : Fetus
  • Sébastien Llinarès : Vicente Asencio : "Danza, suite Valencienne"
  • Julien Demoulin : Friends dinosaurs
  • Christian Meyer : Horses
  • Nanopix : Peur de vous
  • Gino Niemiz (feat. Henning) : Nowafunki
  • Traqueurs de Combes : The seeds of Time
  • sWeenDL : Ebowla Hemorrhagic Fever
Recto SoulèvementsVerso Soulèvements

Photographies and design : M.J.



nk099 Nowaki 01-2012


  • Gare
  • Echapée
  • Reçois
  • She ears voices
  • Prémices
  • Crue
  • Bulles
Recto BlobusVerso Blobus

"the waters and winds of emotions
If South Wind
there was
would focus in you
one side
of Absolute. "

All these tracks are improvisations ( sometimes a little retouched )
around a guitar, a piezzo mic and a laptop ...

Photograph : Dongle Doc ; design : M.J.

Dongle Doc


nk098 Nowaki 01-2012


  • Petit Bindu
  • Arrata
  • Stardust in my piano
  • Le hors humain au réveil
Recto LoridaVerso Lorida

Visual : Kluge ; design : M.J.



nk097 Nowaki 12-2011


  • Falay
  • Brou
  • Sheepre
  • Arcad
  • Lorida
Recto Gakona, AKVerso Gakona, AK

Drawing : Arnot Jolibois ; design : M.J.

Traqueurs de Combes

Gakona, AK

nk096 Nowaki 12-2011


  • Quiet weapon for bilent war
  • Cloud seeding
  • A sketch of Tesla
  • Kaikoku seamount...
  • ...and the mysterious cloud of 9 April 1984
  • Vandalism in the sky
  • Gakona, AK
  • I can't switch back
Recto Amplified disciplineVerso Amplified discipline

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


Amplified discipline

nk095 Nowaki 11-2011


  • Lame de fond
  • Le crayon
  • Le talon sombre
  • Activer la machine
  • Là dessous
  • Petit ver
  • Nanopixette
  • Escale
  • Aton Sashimi
  • L'étoile d'en face
  • Absinthe de choix
  • Amplified discipline
  • L'ours à un oeil
Recto Opus NullVerso Opus Null

"My meeting with Marc is placed under the sign of synchronicity: the emergence of matter in our lives mysteriously happens when we need to prove completion assumed, to the point that it becomes an inner necessity deliciously devouring.
I think of the empty, murder and Mother. "
"Opus null" what appears as a selection, without alterations, moments of improvisation performed during the first half of 2011. A kind of draft, Catalog of sketches, mixing electric guitar of Fred Leblond, and electro-acoustic tribulations of Marc Jolibois (Traqueurs de combes, ultra-liberal, Pimp). Other numbers will follow.

Photograph and design : M.J.


Opus Null

nk094 Nowaki 11-2011


  • Tang-Bang, bastingage
  • Fiestatique
  • Cracker
  • Ma femme est partie
  • Bloc opéra, drunken soul
  • DRAGON, première salve
Recto De la nuitVerso De la nuit

Selection of pieces brought back during nocturnal dives.

Photograph and Design: M.J.


De la nuit

nk093 Nowaki 11-2011


  • De la nuit 1
  • De la nuit 2
  • De la nuit 3
  • De la nuit 4
Recto Recollection of the Worlds (part 1)Verso Recollection of the Worlds (part 1)

New album's friend Gino, who, to escape the drabness of winter Berliners that point, propose us a trip around the world through a range of parts from various backgrounds and musical traditions, processed, kneaded , diverted and reconstructed in its own way. It's rhythmic, colorful, wobbly, psychedelic, often with great moments of beauty (girl song). Volume two will follow soon.

Photograph : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

Recollection of the Worlds (part 1)

nk092 Nowaki 11-2011


  • Banana boat
  • Beat me Tony (klub mix)
  • Electone fandango
  • Girl song
  • Booty holocaust
  • Call of the Yodeler
  • Mummy, please, don't be angry
  • A child throat
  • Tu n'as pu conserver le nectar
  • 14 birds and 100 000 mushrooms
Recto Nowaki @ Jardins SynthétiquesVerso Nowaki @ Jardins Synthétiques

Call Forth our friends had the nice touch to invite us for the second edition of their festival (very raced) of "Jardins synthétiques", inside the sublime walls of the museum Saint Raymond of Toulouse. This carte blanche given to Nowaki allowed to hear three projects (artists) label in the beautiful room Chiragan (Roman statues room).
Here we present three full lives of Pimp, Philippe Lamy and Tuuli / Tulii. Special thanks to Bastien and Pierric.

Photograph and design : M.J.


Nowaki @ Jardins Synthétiques

nk091 Nowaki 10-2011


  • Pimp : live 2011-10-15
  • Philippe Lamy : live 2011-10-15
  • Tuuli/Tulii : live 2011-10-16
Recto No-mix (a collection of Nowaki remixes)Verso No-mix (a collection of Nowaki remixes)

Nowaki second album for the prolific Philippe Lamy. Earlier this year, I told Philippe about the possibility of a concert this year (see live nk091). Never happened in public, the man is driven to work "live", using different pieces gleaned from our extensive catalog. A strength test, mixtures, it eventually led, by chance, a set of tracks, ultimately very 'Lamien". Kind of anti-remixes, evoking more the impression, the sketch, a any reconstruction. Tribute album to the label's artists, this Nowaki mix (no-mix) reminds me of a project ten years ago, led by the famous Stephan Mathieu as Full Swing, which proposed, in terms of remixes , pieces of which nothing remained of the original frame a trace faded. Watercolours sound, much like here. Philippe is primarily a painter, and it shows.

Photograph : Lamy ; Design : M.J.

Philippe Lamy

No-mix (a collection of Nowaki remixes)

nk090 Nowaki 10-2011


  • Lapeklu (Lamy Kluge)
  • Pimwon (Pimp Won)
  • Pimtra (Pimp Traqueurs de combes)
  • Nanopim (Nanopix Pimp)
  • Oz (Orzchis Occlusia Ultraliberal Tuuli/Tulii)
  • Klupix (Kluge Nanopix)
  • Trapix (Traqueurs de combes Nanopix)
  • Klug (Kluge Ultraliberal)
  • Ultult (Ultraliberal Tuuli/Tulii)
  • Wnu (Won Ultraliberal Kluge)
  • Traqmy (Traqueurs de combes Lamy)
Recto No Love, PleaseVerso No Love, Please

"No Love, Please - a kind of this kind of dedication to any kinds of screaching and creaking... for different sound fragments, it (screaching) was removed from the different objects and sources: for example - from building facades and the crumpled foil to the guitar strings and five-day stubble of unshaven .. In addition, in the last song found a place a stereotyping of social-cultural perceptions of France...Its eternal struggle for justice, a politically youth activity and....love..love..."

Photographs : Kultivator ; design : M.J


No Love, Please

nk089 Nowaki 09-2011


  • Fear growing bigger, so much bigger than you feel it
  • No love, please
  • She likes to look at the sky
  • No, no, never again
Recto L'éthique des animaux sentinellesVerso L'éthique des animaux sentinelles

"These two pieces marked my debut : "Nuage secret ", with the MAO, which I did not feel very comfortable, and " T13 ", with Larsophone (sound sculpture acting on the feedback in the spread of galvanized steel) in which my spontaneity and freedom were at my appointment, my past where instruments, with the feelings arising, allowed me to be on a staging where the play was nice.
"Nuage secret" is a piece made from sounds taken from so-called traditional instruments(tubular bell, prepared piano). For the record, I do not yet know Morton Feldman when I have performed this piece. The sound and all the MAO were carried out by myself.
"T13", a piece made with the Larsophone, an MPC spitting sounds MS10 and full of pedals, was recorded by Thierry Dilger with Shoeps microphones. We hear occasional pedal clicks that I fully assume.
I like the sensation of drawing music and, at times, of writing department. That's why I approached the analog and the sound pure, preparing speakers, paying attention to materials and the places where I play.
The human species has evolved technologically very quickly. As an artist, I think there is still much to discover with a soldering iron and acoustics, because they are living materials. "

As a bonus, in the Zip download a live video, and a small report after an installation MAKI Angoulême here : http://culturebox.france3.fr/all/10036/le-maki-d_angouleme-abrite-les-cagettes-sonores-de-l_amorce#/all/10036/le-maki-d_angouleme-abrite-les-cagettes-sonores-de-l_amorce

Frame : Andrei Tarkovsky (Stalker) ; design : MJ

Adrien Monteiro

L'éthique des animaux sentinelles

nk088 Nowaki 09-2011


  • Nuage secret
  • T13
Recto ADNVerso ADN

Photograph : philippe Nore ; design : M.J.



nk087 Nowaki 08-2011


  • GAA
  • GAC
  • GAT
  • GCA
  • GCC
  • GTC
  • GTT
  • TCC
  • AAA
Recto Now hackies friday poupoulesVerso Now hackies friday poupoules

"To ensure a successful barbecue, just make a nice screen printed invitation inviting your friends to a wrong address (in another city if necessary) one day of rain or hail."

Visual : Jonathan Gowthorpe ; design : M.J.


Now hackies friday poupoules

nk086 Nowaki 08-2011


  • Birds signouze 12
  • Traditionnal implodish moda
  • Birds are socialy unreleased
  • Plipoulette
  • Sofort uns alein
  • Ploumipoule
  • Plupi
  • Milk ksom simp
Recto BagatellesVerso Bagatelles

Photograph : Maurice Piau collection ; Design : M.J.

Sébastien Llinarès


nk085 Nowaki 08-2011


  • Joseph Meissonnier : Nocturne n°1
  • Joseph Meissonnier : Nocturne n°2
  • Joseph Meissonnier : Nocturne n°3
  • Joseph Meissonnier : Nocturne n°4
  • Joseph Meissonnier : Nocturne n°5
  • Sébastien Llinarès : Bagatelle n°1
  • Sébastien Llinarès : Bagatelle n°2
  • Sébastien Llinarès : Bagatelle n°3
Recto Emotional Production UnitVerso Emotional Production Unit

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


Emotional Production Unit

nk084 Nowaki 08-2011


  • Focus and stay calm
  • Vanité
  • La boucle comme époque
  • Rayon
  • Fusion
  • Base fragile
  • Si je lâche
  • In
  • Pour ces gens
  • Remonter les troupes
Recto Another experiences with headphones, live @ Grain d'aile 2011-06-21Verso Another experiences with headphones, live @ Grain d'aile 2011-06-21

For the 2011 edition of the festival of music, the Grain d'Aile library of Carcassonne had the good sense to provide to our friend Jonathan Gowthorpe (aka Vompleud) to organize a series of concerts under helmets, a little at a how our colleagues of leplacard.org (the placard headphone festival), streaming and less.

Nine artists from Toulouse, Nantes, Marseille, Avignon and Carcassonne region have succeeded in this day of June 21 in the heart of this beautiful hall restored.

We have chosen to upload six of the nine "lives" on offer:
three artists from the label (Golem mécanique, Traqueurs de combes, Tuuli / Tulii), and three artists whose sets were particularly impressed (Triton, Iris Lancery, Poborsk), and we hope future collaborations with them.

We would, by this uploads, keep track of this very pleasant day, and thank all the participants of this event intimate (even those that we have not chosen, another time perhaps), in particular Jonathan and David Ona for the excellent conduct of these concerts, and Emmanuel Pidoux, founder and head of Grain d'Aile for its initiative and its reception.

Drawings : Jonathan Gowthorpe ; Design : M.J.


Another experiences with headphones, live @ Grain d'aile 2011-06-21

nk083 Nowaki 07-2011


  • Triton : Live 2011-06-21
  • Iris Lancery : Live 2011-06-21
  • Poborsk : Live 2011-06-21
  • Golem Mécanique : Live 2011-06-21
  • Traqueurs de Combes : Live 2011-06-21
  • Tuuli/Tulii : Live 2011-06-21
Recto Love Song Before SleepVerso Love Song Before Sleep

Parametic Delay is a duo from Malang, Java (Indonesia) formed in 2007 by Benk Robo and Ditta. The use of toy instruments characterized their electronic pop productions.
Also being made members of the music in your room (chamber music), they created their own process of recording and mixing, using a simple software and hardware, while still demanding about the quality of production.
The duo released its first mini-album SELF TITLE in 2009 and returned in 2010 with the well-received SUNDAY MORNING EXERCISE. We are very pleased to welcome on Nowaki their third EP, released simultaneously this month on NOSOURCE, an American net label from Boston. A true international co-production for an intimate and energetic, nostalgic and
colored work. Tenderness of the Tropics. Sharp waves.

Artwork : Benk Robo ; design : M.J.

"On this third mini-album we want to tell everybody that we as humans surely have a cycle of life that must had been around by every human, that is maturity. At our age that has passed through 20s we often imagine how our childhood was, wishing what if we shrink and back into a kindergarten who ran endlessly, tirelessly playing and filled with a joyous smile. The first song in our modest work is entitled "Childhood Reheated" that contains all of our imagines.
We always fulfilled with many kind of dreams, filled with tales which told by our parents, start with the house made of cake and chocolate, playing football in the clouds, being a dwarf, being a superhero, up to dreaming about a small spots of ice cream rain although in our country was not snowing. These memories are presented in the next song, "Drizzle ice".
When we are growing up we might be a bit forgotten with so many dreams in the past when we were as a kid, either because the dynamic of social life or other things that make us oblivious. We simply want to reachieve those childhood dreams, while it is difficult or maybe impossible to reach. This obsession is contained in a song "Depict the dream".
When we were teenagers, as well as others we also falling love, but this love is universal, it could be affection, peacefulness, mutual understanding, also shared some happiness. Now love itself is too hard to get in this life, which nowadays full of war and chaos. Through the song entitled "Love song before sleep" we always not giving up to hope that love will always be around us, when we fall asleep and stay there when we open our eyes.
We always want to share all the memories and hopes of this dream, not for everyone but for the hearts of all people. This is the emotion that we get when we were working on our last song "To your Heart". We hope, all of us which undergo a cycle of life, grow up and grow older stay awake in the memories, hopes, dreams and love that will always make the world warm." P.D.

Parametic Delay

Love Song Before Sleep

nk082 Nowaki 07-2011


  • Childhood Reheated
  • Drizzle Ice
  • Depict the Dream
  • Love Song Before Sleep
  • To Your Heart
Recto ArtificielVerso Artificiel

"February 27, 2006 :

Guests on the show Artificial by Francisco BERCHENKO ( Radio Campus Toulouse 94 FM), it offers live, in its radio version, a collaboration with Bog'Art the decks.

Artificial, as sound design, seeks to represent "artificially" the course of an ordinary day.

Sound synthesis and mixing concrete music, sound design is an Artificial live strong."

Photographs : David Gregory ; Design : M.J.

Grégory David


nk081 Nowaki 06-2011


  • Artificiel
Recto All that you can't leave behindVerso All that you can't leave behind

Kluge is one man project from Saint-Petersburg. He started to make field
records and collect different sounds since he was 16 year olds and lived on Kola penitnsula (North of Russia, Mourmansk) in that time. Kluge starts with sound experiments, audio
montages and other manipulations with sound in 2004. Kluge is using field
records, guitar, flute, metalophone, different objects and digital synthesis...

Photograph : Kluge ; Design : M.J.


All that you can't leave behind

nk080 Nowaki 06-2011


  • All
  • That
  • You
  • Can't
  • Leave
  • Behind
Recto Aléatoires Verso Aléatoires

"May 10, 2005 :

This polyptych, consisting of 4 moments of listening, traces an emotional and intellectual development. This is a double between research and auditory senses algorithmic analysis of music that is coming this work.

Designed initially for a multichannel distribution (spatialization of 5 speakers), Aléatoires (Random) is also expressive in all its richness stereo.

Aléatoires is the culmination of a long maturation of sound that now characterizes a bit more work.

The second time was used for the illustration of a performance by the Pièces et Mains d'Œuvre company in 2008."

Image : Grégory David ; Design : M.J.

Grégory David


nk079 Nowaki 06-2011


  • Aléatoires ( en quatre mouvements)
Recto SpiessrutenlaufenVerso Spiessrutenlaufen

Photographi and design : M.J.



nk078 Nowaki 05-2011


  • Out of the pre-pack
  • Spiessrutenlaufen
  • Air-off the dogs
  • Still a while
  • Liar
  • Stuxnet
  • " Im Sack und Asche gehen "
Recto Eye shadowVerso Eye shadow

Photograph and design : M.J.


Eye shadow

nk077 Nowaki 05-2011


  • Nevermind
  • No kindness in you
  • No more hope
  • Sucker ant
  • A brain like a cloud
  • Opaque
  • Anachronic archetype
  • Colors in my head
  • Errance
  • Fake and conceited
  • Heartless
  • It doesn't bother me at all
  • Weary of you and also your lie
Recto Et l'encre d'effacer le tempsVerso Et l'encre d'effacer le temps

Abstraction meets the dark.
Responds to the sound of the single winding walks.
And ink to erase the time ...
Electronic project / solitaire / solidified the composer F.Alexis Degrenier (co demiurge duo Tuuli / tulii), it offers an account of a personal journey to the dark frontier of a geometric kingdom. Nothing is identical. Nothing recalls the blast happened.
A radical journey. A violence.

Photograph : F.Alexis Degrenier ; design : M.J.


Et l'encre d'effacer le temps

nk076 Nowaki 05-2011


  • ...en variations végétales...
  • ...mornes sont les désirs...
  • ..............................
  • ...une douce et tendre rage...
  • ...aux cordes tissées...
Recto Autumn runVerso Autumn run

Photograph and design : M.J.

Christian Meyer

Autumn run

nk075 Nowaki 04-2011


  • Reboot
  • Love me twice
  • Mama
  • The boat
  • I wasn't that sure
  • The nightmare
  • You are not
Recto withNoiseVerso withNoise

Drawings : Brut ; Design : M.J.



nk074 Nowaki 04-2011


  • onlyNoise (intro)
  • withBrownnoise
  • withIceCream&Noisemachine
  • withPurplenoise
  • s8_part2
  • s8_part3
  • withGraynoise
  • withNesnoise1
Recto The fallVerso The fall

Photograph and design : M.J.


The fall

nk073 Nowaki 03-2011


  • Justine
  • Icare
  • Ziggy
  • Mahagonny
  • Jean-Baptiste
Recto ( Hounsi )Verso ( Hounsi )

"Sizzling / saturate / close / forgotten / abandon / to / back...
It took time because we had to try and understand the visions...
(Hounsi ) closes the doors of a ancient world, a not said nostalgia .Un intuitive language. The vodoun throws the eyes and watches in all the angles...the wax listen to the sky, which calls a space starving for every stone..." Khan Jebane.

Photography : Khan Jebane ; Design : M.J.

Golem mécanique

( Hounsi )

nk072 Nowaki 03-2011


  • Machine hurlante
  • Remplir du vide
  • Aiguiser le protocole
  • Détail d'un sourire
  • Machine morte
  • Buisson ardent
Recto und Die Berliner Abstrakt Symphonien SystemVerso und Die Berliner Abstrakt Symphonien System

1 - The Man in the High Castle - 13:52

The United States has lost World War II and is occupied by foreign powers.
The eastern seaboard has fallen under German control, while the West Coast is under the sway of Japan.
The South is a Vichy-type regime with the strings pulled by Nazi collaborators, while the Midwest
and Rocky Mountain regions are quasi-independent, buffer zones separating the two occupying powers.
Tensions between Germany and Japan simmer beneath the surface, and the threat of a nuclear conflict
between them is ever present.

2 - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - 7:46

As the foot strikes the ground there is also some flexion in the knee.
This should not be too excessive so leg strength must be developed to ensure stability in and around the knee.
There is also some movement around the hip girdle.
This can be excessive, so strength exercises for the whole region, especially abdominal and lower back are required.
It is very important that this region is kept stable thus giving a strong platform from which to drive.

3 - Sharky's Machine - 10:16

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights feature karaoke, $2.50 domestic beers
and wells plus various shot specials throughout the night.

4 - Il mio nome è Nessuno - 7:14

Jack Beauregard, once the greatest gunslinger of the Old West, only wants to move to Europe and retire in peace.
But a young gunfighter, known only as "Nobody", idolizes him and wants to see him go out in a blaze of glory.
He arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history.

5 - Happiness - 7:11

Francois is a young carpenter married with Therese. They have two little children.
All goes well, life is beautiful, the sun shines and the birds sing.
One day, Francois meets Emilie, they fall in love and become lovers.
He still loves his wife and wants to share his new greater happiness with her

6 - The Paper Chase - 7:07

Professor Kingsfield : "You teach yourselves the law, but I train your minds. You come in here with a skull full of mush,
you leave thinking like a lawyer. Here is a dime. Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt about you."
Susan Fields : "I know there's a lot of things to say, but it really isn't worth saying them, so please just get out.
They finally got you, Hart, they sucked all that Midwestern charm right out of you. Look, he's got you scared to death.
You're going to pass, because you're the kind the law school wants."

7 - L'Hôtel de la plage - 6:54

Août en Bretagne, nouveaux clients et habitués. Les hommes planifient les infidélités, leurs épouses aussi.
Amours adolescentes et jeux d'enfants. Lucien drague Aline et Euloge la serveuse, Yveline. Maris, femmes et enfants s'éclatent.
La patronne a un soupirant inattendu...

8 - Vegas in Space - 6:19

Captain Dan Tracey and his two lieutenants are ordered to investigate trouble on the resort planet Clitoris,
a pleasure world filled with shopping and gambling where, according to the "Articles of the Venus Convention",
only women are allowed. A variety of problems are occurring on the planet; most notably, several important pieces of "Girlinium"
have been stolen from the Empress Nueva Gabor. "Girlinium", as explained by the Empress, is a very rare gem found only in the caverns
of the fourth moon of Girlina, a distant planet. It is used by the Empress to help the planet maintain its delicate orbit surrounding its sun.
The stolen pieces must be found or the planet will fall into ruin as evidenced by increasingly violent earthquakes. The captain and his men,
in order to remain undercover, become women via sex reversal pills and pose as showgirls from Earth performing
a mid-twentieth century lounge act for the Empress' annual off-world slumber party while investigating the crime.

Photograph : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

und Die Berliner Abstrakt Symphonien System

nk071 Nowaki 03-2011


  • The Man in the High Castle
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
  • Sharky's Machine
  • Il Mio Nome è Nessuno
  • Happiness
  • The Paper Chase
  • Hôtel de la plage
  • Vegas in Space
Recto TetrapoutraiglesVerso Tetrapoutraigles

" Take a sound, chew silently, not swallow.
Break the rhythms and split up the sentences: destroy.
Set them, mold until the cramp.
Let rest.
Begin again. "

Drawing : Johnatan Gowthorpe ; design : M.J.

Tuuli/Tulii (Tuuli-Winds)


nk070 Nowaki 02-2011


  • Je ne connais pas mes sons
  • Un chien entre les dents
  • Ni clous ni vis ni colle =
  • Filet(s)
  • Tuuli vs Tulii vs Tuuli vs Tulii
  • Hidden, stolen and broken take
Recto noVV-no-zzVerso noVV-no-zz

6pyT is the project of a young man living in Krasnodar, a large town south-west of the Russian Republic. Brut (his nickname) loves
experiment, and appreciates the netlabels defending the so-called experimental music, even extreme. It makes noise (beautiful), miniatures, a kind of sound "design" quite adventurous, not afraid of extremes (calm, violence, noise, melody ...), also a nice technical quality and a mature aesthetic view of his young age. Brilliant, smart, instinctive : intelligence in the service of electricity.

Drawing : Brut ; design : M.J



nk069 Nowaki 02-2011


  • Ice cream
  • ngfteg`
  • Aumuk
  • mOnOmA E
  • Short chip
  • Nemesis
  • Reach scorpion320
  • 8-bi(rd)(t)
  • nhbfyukt b htdth,
  • withBrownnoise
Recto The wish of the witchVerso The wish of the witch

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


The wish of the witch

nk068 Nowaki 01-2011


  • The square maternity's swing
  • Pixel art and monitoring
  • Original romance
  • Le choix des films
  • Une lumière en transfert
  • 8h42
  • Contrôle auditif
  • Dragons et nuages
  • A chacun ses espoirs
  • Colostrum anarchy
Recto Soul and Karma revolvingVerso Soul and Karma revolving

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; design : M.J.


Soul and Karma revolving

nk067 Nowaki 01-2011


  • Sress out
  • Mando y quiero
  • Low mutation
  • Elle veillera sur toi
  • Open new Ninja's night
  • Nouvel espace
  • Libera me
  • Un canapé hanté
  • Violent'n'violent
  • Elle
Recto Steep MiragesVerso Steep Mirages

Photograph : Denys Neumann ; Design : M.J.

Orzchis Occlusia

Steep Mirages

nk066 Nowaki 11-2010


  • Myopic masquerader
  • The lurid red
  • Truncated cones
  • Lady Nemuri
  • Jade auspicious light
  • Thin-lipped listless lizard
  • Hollow and labyrinthine
Recto Piccoli pezzi per domani (Un viaggio cinematico)Verso Piccoli pezzi per domani (Un viaggio cinematico)

"Piccoli pezzi per domani" is a particular musical project,
the soundtrack of a road-movie which takes place from Berlin to Lisbon.
Aboard Fiat 500 red, the protagonist leaves Berlin, loaded with sausages
that he has to distribute throughout his route.
His trip will leave Berlin, will cross by Prague, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Zurich, Milan, Florence, Monaco, Marseille, Toulouse, Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Porto to end in Lisbon.
On his road he will cross a Syrian lost in Switzerland, a Czech transexuel without money, a couple of Red Setter, an alcoholic nun, a Satanist in mourning, a nerd syphilitic, a dead undertaker, a Roma Prime Minister, Swedish one blind, a band of old vegetarian punks, a Thai extremist and many other intriguing characters but always with a ruddy complexion.
This journey will be for him a discovery as well as an introspection when in the question:
Are we made more friends if we have sausages or is the life is only a delicatessen?

Photographs : Gino Niemiz ; design : M.J.

Gino Niemiz

Piccoli pezzi per domani (Un viaggio cinematico)

nk065 Nowaki 10-2010


  • Il Whistler e il suo cane
  • Sonatine uno
  • Le onde della Terra
  • Composite
  • La mia cantina
  • Chic,Luna de miele
  • Aprire le finestre
  • La canzone del club
  • Danza percussioni
  • Combinata una
  • Frankie
  • Sonatine due
  • Con le mani
  • Una voche nella notte
  • Passeggiata in città
  • En case io
  • Il ciclo del mattino
  • Pantaloni de pele
  • Un gong in serata
  • Ora scavare
  • Signora Chubi
  • Montaggio del cielo
  • Cinque otto cinque uno cinque
  • Lentezza
  • Il Whistler senza il suo cane
  • Percussioni rondella
  • Estrazione
  • Vitta dubbio
  • Sonatine uno
  • En case tu
  • Batteria onda
  • Piove nel mio culo
  • Como fare il male?
  • In caso di disastro
  • Il club
  • Intermedio di connessione
  • Groove mento
  • Vahina
  • Colpisce più duro
  • Artico
  • Combinata due
  • Full partito
  • Balla con me
  • La fine del tunnel
  • Giù la testa
  • Il piano non è qui, è lì
  • Preghiera
  • Rock rovesciata
  • Nel ritmo per favore!
  • Adriano
Recto Romantic GoldfishVerso Romantic Goldfish

Nanopix lays us (this word is of an ardent current events for him) his best album to this day. More and more rich, more and more melodious, an inspiration which releases itself and a sound which improves, a work which clears up and becomes clearer, an artist who does not stop showing himself. In fact, I always say the same thing concerning the music of Benoît, but I repeat sincerely.

Painting : Benoît Balfet ; Design : M.J.


Romantic Goldfish

nk064 Nowaki 10-2010


  • Slow elevator
  • Welcome to the first floor
  • Surroundings observation
  • Space adaptation
  • Pompéi revival
  • Aerial tentative
  • Option
  • Seaweed on the rocks
  • Organic crisis
Recto The Devil ArtVerso The Devil Art

The second part of the project, "The devil art" is more brief, more precise, also more reconstructed, and sharply more rhythmic. Personally, one of the most beautiful publications of the label.

Photographs : Fabrice Fortner ; design : MJ


The Devil Art

nk063 Nowaki 09-2010


  • Shagreen
  • The Devil Art